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Successful Science Fair at Técnica 31 High School – El Sol de Parral

The Technical High School implements 31 Science Fairs, where students implement their theoretical knowledge in practice through inventions, within science courses and in subjects such as physics, biology and technologies, among others. They are also invited to primary schools so that they can appreciate the works made by the students.

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Raul Mendez Villalobos, Campus Director, indicated that in order to continue to promote science and technology among young people, an exhibition of scientific works made by the students themselves was organized, and this was implemented within the school, with the aim of engaging students to implement projects, where they apply their class knowledge.

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There were more than 200 students who formed different teams to show the visitors, the scientific work, applying knowledge in physics, biology, mathematics and natural sciences, for this exhibition they invited sixth grade students from 14 primary school level institutions, so that children participate in science.

During the exhibition, projects related to the application of physics, electromechanics and welding work can be viewed; Similarly, young people put together different figures made from recycled materials, and in addition to astronomy, they presented models of the planetary system.

In the same way, there were hydraulic projects, a science show in the kitchen, conferences and other campus activities.

The director indicated that during the year many activities were carried out that are part of the knowledge and training for students, among them reading workshops, where they praised families and senior citizens, and said that through these exercises, teachers intend to promote reading and writing, as well as promoting family values.

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The purpose of these workshops is for teachers to enhance students’ reading, writing and thinking skills. Through this activity, professors and students of the Foundation will promote reading habits through writings and articles, reflecting advice, messages, memories and experiences.

In this activity, very emotional writings written by their grandchildren and their children were shown, where the message was the unity of the family and highlighting the virtues of the elderly, in addition to the importance of family life.