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Institute of Forensic Sciences may be approved soon

Institute of Forensic Sciences may be approved soon

León, Gto.- The initiative put forward by the research groups missing and missingas well Platform for peace and justice to create The Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guanajuato may be approved by this legislature.

Although the case is still under review, and there is no firm decision, what is urgently required is attention to it, as mentioned Vice President Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres of Guanajuato and head Board of Directors and Political Coordination in Congress.

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“There is a request and we will have to review it thoroughly because in the end it indicates the resources that will have to be released and the Public Prosecutor’s Office will have to make the commitment at a certain moment. It has not been ruled out, but we cannot say that a firm decision has been taken, it is being analyzed ” .

The deputy pointed out that Several workbenches have already been madeSo there is an important progress in establishing this institution.

Luis Ernesto Ayala defends the Civil Registry Order. Photo: Patricio Serna

Ayala Torres stated that in the following legislative periodthe issue will be reviewed in the next board and because it is a joint issue it will be implemented with the five board members, As they will mainly take the result of the work seen in the committees And at work tables for decision making.

“Everything points to yes, because it is urgent, and in that sense we give it the importance it has. I don’t know the budgets but I know that a lot of progress has been made on the committee and now it is up to us in the board to decide on its ruling.”

There is no forensic crisis

Although there are different opinions and that there is a greater response to the issue of the search, location and identification of human corpses, the local deputy does not consider that there is a forensic crisis in Guanajuato, as there is in the neighboring state of Jalisco.

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