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St. Louis vs.  Roosters Without a Narrator on ESPN and Gomez Junko Asked 'Help'

St. Louis vs. Roosters Without a Narrator on ESPN and Gomez Junko Asked ‘Help’

Monterey, NL /

A funny situation happened during the match between San Luis and Gallus Blancos, when you are in ESPN broadcast There was no narrator to meet with such a commentator Roberto Gomez Junco He went into “despair”.

which is that the historian who had to narrate, Jorge PietrasantaThe electricity was cut off and He can’t be present for the novel, leaving only Gomez Junko, who, in his desperation to have a partner to narrate the deeds, asked anyone to reach out to him to help him, Even if it is Mario Carrillo or Christian Martinoli or Paco Villa, regardless of whether it is from competition.

To the misfortune of Gomez Junko, Saint-Louis scored in the third minute and couldn’t scream, he simply spoke about it:

He said when he scored c.Dare Rivaldo.

“We’re still waiting for a narrator, I wouldn’t take 90 minutes like that to talk to them; let’s see if Pietrasanta fixed the light, let’s see if someone else reports… Hi who wants narration, Mario Carrillo who narrated a few seconds ago”, In videos posted on Twitter.

After the sixth minute, it was like that Jesus Humberto Lopez who seemed to narrate the game, for which Gomez Junko was grateful.

“I was getting ready, I was in a meeting, but you have to be awake, I was just about to watch the broadcast,” Lopez said when asked if they woke him up.