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Spanish presidential candidate promises to reform “grandchildren’s law”

Spanish presidential candidate promises to reform “grandchildren’s law”

Spain’s presidential candidate Alberto Núñez Figo presented his campaign platform for the elections on July 23.

The president of the right-wing Popular Party included in the text how he portrayed the Iberian state’s relationship with Cuba and with the descendants of the Spaniards.

The program says: “Spain needs to implement a foreign policy that responds to the shared values ​​of our society.”

He also states that “our freedom and democracy should be enjoyed by other countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua”.

Along these lines, it asserts that “Spain must play a more active role in a continent undergoing profound transformation” and points to the fact that “Russia is increasing its influence” in the region.

The Feijóo Program guarantees that “The community of descendants of Spaniards will retain the right to choose Spanish citizenship..

As indicated, this right “will be guaranteed by an amended law on the acquisition of citizenship by descendants.”

According to the information provided, in order to respond to this request “it is also necessary to strengthen the consulates responsible for processing citizenship records”.

Leader of the Pakistan People’s Party guarantee They will expand the workforce and improve the means of the network, including the digitization of the consular civil registry and the increase of remote procedures.

Children’s law: Spanish nationality

In statements to the Spanish media, Figo had previously confirmed that if he became the next Spanish president, he would cancel many of the measures taken by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), along with other political formations on the left.

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We will abolish the Democratic Memory Act. manifested.

Foreign experts in Spain maintain that if the law is repealed, in principle, files submitted up to the date of its repeal do not run the risk of being archived or not accepted.

As mentioned Cuban newspaperThe island’s citizens represent the fourth largest number of citizens who can vote in elections in Spain, with 152,791 voters.