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Cubana steals attention as she dances at the Mesoamerican Games

Cubana steals attention as she dances at the Mesoamerican Games

A Cuban woman stole the public’s attention by dancing at the Central American and Caribbean Games and “persuaded” dozens to go watch the games in San Salvador.

The woman, who is part of the island delegation that attends sports eventShe danced grandly in the stands of one of the competition venues, and was applauded by those present while bringing many smiles to the judges.

The video was posted on Tik Tok By user “zurdofotos”, who noted Cuba’s “outstanding presence” at the Games.

Dozens of his followers praised the Cubans’ skill in dancing, while others joked, “I suddenly wanted to go to Central America.”

One netizen commented, “I’ve noticed that the Caribbean people are the happiest, from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.”

Another asked, “Hey, why do these things happen when I’m not showing up?”

However, there was no shortage of those who considered the dance to be inappropriate.

“This needs to be controlled…and law enforcement…there are kids going there,” said one community member.

Cuba monopolized many medals in the Games, which were held this time in El Salvador.

On Wednesday, there was an emotional moment when Mexico’s Fidencio Gonzalez gave up his bronze medal in the 25-meter Rapid Fire pistol to the Cuban. Loris Bobo For the same reason, another Cuban athlete had the same gesture with an athlete from the Aztec country just over a week earlier.

According to Central American Games regulations, the three medals in the same competition cannot be awarded to athletes from the same country, a measure that has sparked controversy on more than one occasion during the celebration of the sporting event.

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So far, the medal table at the Central American Games is completely dominated by the Mexican delegation. At Friday’s closing, the Aztec nation had a total of 331 medals, of which 136 were gold. The top five is completed by Colombia (229 medals in total and 82 golds), Cuba (182nd, 69th), Venezuela (150th, 30th) and the Dominican Republic (102nd, 21st).