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Gustavo Petro will meet Nicolas Maduro this Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela

Gustavo Petro will meet Nicolas Maduro this Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela

It’s official: Gustavo Petro will meet Nicolas Maduro this Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela

In the last few minutes, it was known that the President of the Republic of Colombia, Gustavo Petroon Tuesday, November 1, with the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The meeting, according to official sources of the Presidency of the Republic, will be in Venezuelan territory, exactly in the capital: Caracas, and will revolve around some basic issues: Bilateral relations, reopening of borders and Venezuela’s return to the inter-American system of human rights.

Topics of vital and media importance, especially Venezuela’s return to the inter-American human rights system, which is one of the most important points, as it has been pointed out on multiple occasions that human rights are being systematically violated in the neighboring country.

In a public opinion statement, they reported from the Presidential Press Room that President Gustavo Petro will travel to Caracas with his staff to hold a lunch with the Venezuelan President.

According to official sources, the meeting comes within the framework of President Gustavo Petro’s leadership to boost the region’s economy and socialize his agenda in the interest of the region’s interests. Block Latin America and protect the Amazonas part of the preparatory meetings for the twenty-seventh session of the Conference of the Parties, they reported.

Probably one of the issues that will be vigorously discussed at the meeting will be the illegal tracks, as the relations between Colombia and Venezuela have been strengthened economically on all fronts, and in this sense the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has ordered, Minister of Commerce Close the lanes between Colombia and Venezuela.

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This has become one of the most important turning points in reopening Colombia-Venezuelan borderBecause it is a side effect in which the illegality was reinforced and the armed groups took control of the passage through these terminal roads and were reinforced there.

Gustavo Petro, two weeks ago, spoke about the importance of reopening the border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela to The economic activity; However, he expressed concern that despite the improvement in diplomatic relations between the two countries, there is a large flow through them Illegal walkways or steps.

For this reason, the Secretary of Commerce ordered the following: German Omana, Close these roads, because if they continue to be enabled, the traffic enablement measure on the Simon Bolivar Bridge will not have the expected effect.

He also expressed concern about the amount of money that was circulated through this legal move, saying:A month later, there was only Two and a half million dollars In products here and there“.

Mr. Minister of Commerce, these tracks are closed because they are closed‘, be warned Chief of state. In this sense, he said, the opening of the international bridge was not made with the aim of enriching a few, but to help the communities of Norte de Santander and the state of Tachira.

Petro also expressed that the bridge is fully enabled so that “Workers can get good income from growing industries here and there“not for”Living in the paths of wealth”, confirmed at the time the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro.

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