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NASA's page that shows you what the universe looked like the day you were born – Teach Me About Science

NASA's page that shows you what the universe looked like the day you were born – Teach Me About Science

One of the most important dates for a person is his birthday, because in addition to that on this specific date he will celebrate all his birthdays for the rest of his life and his birth will be registered in the civil registry, on the day they contacted the outside world and were able to see it for the first time.

Many of us like to celebrate our birthday, meet our friends and family, eat cake or do our favorite activities such as going to the cinema, going out for a drink with loved ones or a meal. Can you imagine, in addition to the above, that you could see what was happening in the universe on the day you were born? This can give a special touch to everything.

Well, NASA has made it possible and has shared with us an amazing page that will allow you to see a picture of what was happening on your birthday. If you are a fan of astronomy, science or space related things, then I am sure you will love these amazing details.

NASA telescopes

the Telescopes used by NASA They are powerful teams that have been responsible for providing us with the most accurate images of the universe. They are an extension of us and have done an amazing job throughout the years of space exploration. We share with you information about two of the most important telescopes at this agency.

Hubble telescope: According to data from NASA's website,… Hubble Space TelescopeThe telescope, which is also known as HST for its English abbreviation, although it has been in operation for several years, is one of the most famous telescopes in modern astronomy. It orbits in outer space, outside the Earth's atmosphere, at altitude 593 km Above sea level. It was launched on April 24, 1990 as a joint venture of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). Hubble has provided high-quality astronomical images by removing constraints imposed by Earth's atmosphere, revolutionizing our perception of the universe. He made important discoveries and contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe.

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What page lets you know what was happening on your birthday?

An example of seeing what happened in the universe on your birthday

Now that you know what major telescopes NASA uses to capture amazing images of space, we're sharing the page with you so you can go and look up the history and what happened on your birthday.

To view the page only Enter the direct link And discover something really cool.

About the James Webb Telescope

As a newer team, the NASA's James Webb Space Telescope It is considered a technological marvel. It is the largest and most complex space telescope ever built, surpassing its predecessor, the Hubble Telescope. According to NASA, its main goal is to collect light traveling 13.5 billion years ago, allowing us to observe the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang. Unlike the Hubble Telescope, the James Webb telescope collects infrared light, allowing it to see through dust clouds that obscure the view of other telescopes. It will be 100 times more powerful than Hubble and will be able to search for water vapor in the atmospheres of planets orbiting other stars.

We hope this information is very useful to you, and that you have a great start to the week.

To view the page only Enter the direct link And discover something really cool.

Share science, share knowledge.