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Some UNLP colleges have extended the enrollment period and there are already about 34,000 enrollments

When data is still being processed in some faculties, 33,678 young people from all over the country have already completed the online admission form to start their undergraduate studies at the National University of La Plata. In December, the registration period offered by the UNLP Presidency for applicants to enter one of the 115 positions offered by the 17 faculties of the House of Studies La Plata expired.

It must be remembered that for the 2022 academic year, in this same state, enrollment was 33,144.

Meanwhile, in journalism, registration for certification courses will continue until January 30th.

These are the details – not final, as they are still processing data on faculties and some will reopen enrollment in February and March – for academic unit enrollments:

Arts: 3045

Astronomical and geophysical sciences: 296

Architecture and Urbanism: 1491

Agricultural and Forestry Sciences: 271

Economic Sciences: 2441

Exact Sciences: 848

Legal and Social Sciences: 2632

Medical Sciences: 4471

Medical Sciences- HR School: 2756

Museum of Natural Sciences: 589

Veterinary Sciences: 1458

Humanities and educational sciences: 3443

Computer Science: 1983

Engineering: 1370

Engineering and Computer Science (computer engineering combined degree): 329

Registration 2022 for the 2023 session

Dentistry: 1083

Journalism and social communication: 991

Psychology: 3452

Social Work: 720

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