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Softwares reducen más de 80 modalidades de fraudes

Software reduces over 80 forms of fraud

Punta Cana, La Altagracia.

Smart software has been able to reduce more than 80 kinds of fraud made for Electric meters in homes and businesses From Bávaro-Punta Cana, to reduce or cancel their readings, illegal actions increased during the summer, due to higher temperatures.

Scams, done in ingenious and varied ways, represent important losses for distributors, who have found formulas in the case of the private sector Energy Consortium Punta Cana – Macau CEPM, Apply modern technology to minimize it, while EDES is not even able to take initial steps to avoid it.

Since the use of Controls that turn off at night and on during the daychange of meters (Quitipon), use of honey, coupling interventions and other procedures, there are those who risk these procedures, among 53,000 customers with low consumptionin the ocean covered by the private subsidiary of InterEnergy Group.

Statistics show that the Ultra Plus or VIP category, in which hotels appear, is marked as “High Consumers and Good Behavior”Violations are not reported, except in one restaurant or another, Chinese shops or cabins.

When metering problems occur in hotels, CEPM staff are accompanied by plaintiffs from Pgase and the Electricity Supervisory Authority, regularly as a result of discharges or accidents, which are subsequently compensated, when validated by the corresponding agencies.

The differences are sharper in the summer, When there is greater consumption due to frequent use of air conditioners and other electrical appliances to reduce the effects of heat (high temperatures), it involves legal disputes involving entities such as: Protecom, Public Prosecutor Electrical System (Pgase) and Dominican Institute of Quality (Indocal).

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These explanations were provided by Director of Innovation, Wellington Reyes, CEPM Commercial and Smart Grid Director, Jorge Acevedo, along with CEO, Roberto Herrera and General Manager, Oscar San Martín, Director of LISTIN DIARIO, Miguel Frangoll, during a visit to the plant accompanied by his journalist wife Wendy Santana de Franjole.

before and after

The CPEM Consortium averaged in August 2014 15 cases per month, about 200 cases per year; So far in 2022, in litigation has 11 fraud charges, in a descending trend, by installing intelligent software, achieving easy detection of meter tampering and avoiding illegal tampering, as the country’s first and only distribution company, with 100% of customers using smart meters .


Distributor scams increase during the summer months especially; July, August and September.

Smart meters in the private spectrum have given results, facing the lack of control and the lack of systemic consequences, which is characteristic of government distributors.

As the union experts explained, with smart measurements, it was established; What did they do with the scale, where did they do it and when; An updated report every 15 minutes accesses the CPEM control panel.


CEPM has been determined 15 cases per month Fraud cases average about 180 cases per year, but this year, the company has filed 11 cases in the relevant courts.


electrical losses from 53,000 customers from the consortium It is located at 4.21% of the serviced power.


As of April 2022, electricity distribution companies’ energy losses were 31.3%, down 1.3% compared to 2021.

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