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Buscan convertir Punta Cana en una ciudad inteligente

They seek to turn Punta Cana into a smart city

Punta Cana, La Altagracia.

Consortium Invested Energy Punta Cana and Macau (CEPM) $140 million to expand its power generation capacity Thus saving 98% of the energy needed by the large hotel chains in the region.

With InterEnergy Group, as a parent company, Within two years, CEPM has expanded its generating capacity by 85MWby integrating a natural gas-to-natural gas regasification plant and installing a static compensator for the reactive power of the 138 kilowatt (KV) line, which increases the quality of electricity service.

The Foundation’s CEO, Roberto Herrera, along with the General Manager, Oscar San Martín and other executives, received at their facilities Listín Diario director Miguel Franjul with his wife, journalist Wendy Santana de Franjulwith whom they discussed their achievements, projects and contributions in order to help Bavaro Punta Cana become one of the first smart cities in the Caribbean.

electric car

CEPM executives discussed the Emobility Project, through which They have installed charging stations for electric cars in their concession area, Which the company is betting on a transportation system four times more efficient than vehicles Fossil fuels, Oil derivatives. A solution they are betting on and at the disposal of their customers and their hotels, to navigate using clean energy.

The consortium was able to replace 99% of its fleet of conventional vehicles with electric ones; Among them are two minibuses with a capacity of 16 passengers and two other types (Ban) for businessmen in the area, so that they can get acquainted with the new.

As part of the exhibition, specificallyIn an electric car, Franjul made the trip from Santo Domingo to Bavaro, where he rested The offset was satisfied.

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In addition to generation, transmission, distribution and investments in wind energy, CPEM-Cero is active as allies in development. domestic power supply for thermal water; Hot and sanitary laundries and air conditioners for 55 thousand hotel rooms.

AC demand

The product of efficiency levels, it turns out With residual losses less than 5%This consortium, which is also responsible for Bayahibe Electric, has achieved that its services are in demand in Panama, Jamaica, Uruguay and Chile.

Reduced losses are the result of customers’ satisfaction with the service and their willingness to pay.

Roberto Herrera explained during the tour, highlighted Low rate of fraud located in the ocean responsible for the consortium, but at the same time the small possibility that exists for it because the technology they use does not allow it.

Executives confirm Commitment to providing clean energy, to support sustainable tourism development, For this reason, its investment program included a 22 MW GE LM2500 dual-fuel turbine (natural gas-diesel), which was able to quickly restore service, in the event of an emergency or weather phenomenon, and diversify the generation matrix.

All of these new projects expand our capacity to generate and transmit energy, with the expected growth of the tourist areas we serve. We are very proud to support energy growth based on an innovation agenda that ensures economic development in this important tourist destination for the country,” Herrera noted.


Its energy service Modern technology, from one antenna in a multi-client area, It is monitored from a panel in the central headquarters, services are opened or closed remotely, and their consumption is known, just as public lighting is controlled.

To maintain their efficiency levels, they work online and in case of odds, access times are around 15 minutes, on average, at the same time the screens are updated with results read every meter, Connected.

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