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Sociology, basic science

Sociology, basic science

Today begins a new collaboration between the Valencia Sociological Association (AVS) and Levante-EMV. This new monthly column brings together both parties’ interest in analyzing, understanding and explaining the Valencian community(s). Sociology, as a social science that studies phenomena resulting from human action in their various historical and cultural contexts, has an obligation to citizenship, that is, towards each of the people living together in society. There are many topics covered from this major, and little by little those who still don’t know it will be able to discover what we do and why we love our profession.

Sociology works to develop a reliable and valid base of scientific knowledge supported by research, and thus, to contribute, or at least this is the way it is intended, to improve the global human condition, as stated in the Ethical Code of International Sociology. Association (ISA).

In this vein, it corresponds to presenting ourselves institutionally in our territory, which is why we will stop at the Associació Valenciana de Sociologia (AVS) about its goals, purposes and team. AVS is a scientific association that arose in the late 1970s, specifically in 1979. It is an association that works by and for its affiliates and subsidiaries, with the main objective of promoting, developing and disseminating research, projects and teaching of sociology in the Valencian community. It strives to establish relationships with national and international entities in order to improve cooperation and communication between sociologists and sociologists. But, in addition, we have an obligation to Valencian men and women: to spread social knowledge to the general public and to spread news of interest to all those who seek to understand and explain social work, as noted by Max Weber, one of the pioneers of the discipline. Population, tourism, families, education system, post-pandemic social relations, lifestyles or experiences of time are just some of the examples we will provide data on and share ideas for.

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The Board of Directors, which I have been chairing since February 12, 2021, is made up of eight people belonging to the Valencian Public Universities. I share work, concerns, times, and spaces with Victor Agolo Calatayud (Vice President), Veronica Gisbert Gracia (Secretary), Pablo de Gracia Soriano (Treasurer), Maria Ángeles Abelán López, Mariano Agustin González Chuchino, Alba Navalon Mira Callado (vowels). All members of this Council are united with a goal, which is to make the AVS a unifying tool and a visualization of the diversity of sociology in the territory of Valencia. For this, the coordinating team has an action plan that focuses on three strategic lines. First, communication and dissemination, in order to create synergy between people who develop work with social approaches. The second line focuses on developing continuous and innovative training programs for colleagues and other professionals; In addition to enhancing the talent of young researchers in the field of sociology. Finally, our action plan proposes to strengthen the organization of academic activities in the three regions of the Valencian Community: Alicante, Castellon and Valencia.

Recognizing the need for the human capital needed to develop this project, from AVS we encourage and encourage the active participation of those who work from a social perspective in both the academic and professional world. We also invite students from undergraduate and graduate programs to participate in the association and develop their own assignments and projects. And of course, we encourage all Valencian citizens to join AVS by showing their interests, experiences, concerns and doubts that we will try to answer from the social sciences.

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