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Faculty of Social Sciences Quarry Athletes of Cuenca

Faculty of Social Sciences Quarry Athletes of Cuenca

Many years ago, there was a perception in society that professional athletes (especially in the world of football) could not combine study with their discipline, which made them focus on the second and abandon the second. Then the mathematical demands made it practically pointless to follow the rhythm of the studies, which we regard from these media as a matter of organization rather than incompatibility, as we well reflect in this much-read article throughout Spain. The phrase “today I won’t practice, I have an exam tomorrow” sounds like an excuse to give up a major rather than not being able to find time to study.

An example is the College of Social Sciences in Cuenca, which is certainly the college that contributes the most athletes to the Cuenca community. There are many examples of specialty practitioners who have earned a degree or master’s degree at the aforementioned college, whose secret may be to allow athletes to adapt to the demands of their sport and studies. Now, with Ricardo Canas as the new dean (a huge fan of Conquense and Liberbank Cuenca, among others), this course of work from the social sciences is expected to continue, at least, as is.

Liberbank Cuenca has many players who have risen to the faculty. So far, Captain Sergio Lopez has been formed into his classes after studying Business and Management (he was a student of the current Dean), although this year his educational training culminated with his Master of Strategy and Marketing (MUEME), where he coincided with Belen Mazzetelli. , a player in the women’s handball division (although the team did not leave last year). Argentinian Martin Doldan has also been a regular member of the college, since he finished his studies in Business and Management.

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They are some examples of leading an orderly professional and sporting life, but they are not the only examples. Without going any further, consultant David Kotias, a student of Business and Management, was able to combine both aspects and produce impressive results. This course has touched the representation of Spain at the World Cup to be held in Slovakia, but thanks to his perseverance, he is one of the best national coaches, and despite not entering the five finals, he belongs to the group of Spanish follow-up union orientation.

If we go into the world of football, there are many names that have a past, a present and a future in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Although not affiliated with Conquense for several years, he continued his studies in Cuenca. We are talking about striker Jairo Karkaba, who has joined the Business Administration and Management and continues to take exams electronically to finish this degree. He recently signed a renewal with CF Badalona, ​​where he also “signed” recruitment exams.

From the Conquense Balompédica federation, there have been many cases that have combined morning training sessions with a race. Young Alberto Mayordomo and Serge Langreo are completing their studies in law, while FS VivoCuenca player Ana Mina is in a similar position in business and management.

Among the other degrees offered by this college is the dual degree ADE + Law, which has attracted the attention of three athletes from the city. Conquense Femenino footballer, Maria Elena Ladron de Guevara, as well as goalkeepers Ivan Asinero (San Jose Obreiro and Conquence) and Danielle Herrez (Balona Conquenci) finish their studies.

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For his part, in the law degree is paddle player Luis Hernandez. In his case, the national promise of the sport, he preferred to lower the cadence of the sport (in a sport that requires travel every week, with daily matches, with all the expenses involved) but continues as a racket teacher at Cuenca’s new tennis courts. In these facilities he coincides with tennis player Roberto Pardo, an ADE student who also abandoned his sporting career with the racket for the same economic reasons but is dedicated to faking Cuenca’s most promising players in the sport. Roberto, who once beat the current top ten as Russian Andre Rublev or Spaniards like Pedro Martinez or Jaime Munnar, is the current UCLM Tennis Champion, as well as the absolute regional champion of Cuenca, so his competitive streak remains the same. When he attends any tournament.

If we go to former students, we find famous names. Professional pilot Monica Plaza, who made her debut in the Spanish All-Terrain Rally Championship, completed her studies in Business and Management, which was no problem in continuing to grow as an athlete. However, she became the champion of Spain as an assistant driver while finishing her studies. With also reaching the elite while finishing her ADE career in the judging world, Raquel Diaz, who is currently in the Women’s Division I, was able to finish her MA in Strategy and Marketing.

One of the most striking cases is that of the Valero brothers, in which the three ended their careers at ADE while playing the sport, although each took different directions. The youngest, Miguel Angel, was a key player in the promotion to the Conquest Honors Division on 08/09 and continued his career in world football 11. Now he continues to hit the ball at AD Campillo, being a signal player in the blanquillo group. For his part, the middle man, Carlos, was so important in San Jose Obrero that he had to retire due to a health problem; Once he recovered, he changed Soccer 11 to Futsal and his good work made him a key player in FS VivoCuenca, of which he has been a part since its inception. However, the oldest of the three, Jose Maria, maintains sports as a hobby but has turned studying into his profession, as it is now part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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All this is evidence that this college is a mine for an athlete from Cuenca. The future is guaranteed.