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Shakira to the street! He went out in Barcelona in shorts and stood with the fans

Shakira, Colombian singer.

Photo: Backgrid. / Grossbiggroup

All that was said about him Shakira in the last days. Of the infamous betrayals of the center F.C.BAnd the Gerrard Pique, until the singer fell ill due to an anxiety attack, which she later denied. The truth is that he returned to Barcelona, ​​Spain and there He posed with some fans and then walked around in jean shorts.

For bad weather, good legs! Or at least that’s the clear message a singer says WakawakaAnd the Shakiraimplicitly to the whole world. He was in a villa waiting for all the details of the celebrity Separation For the Colombian star and soccer star, Gerrard Pique. Although love seems to be gone, beauty Shakira It is still intact and left in evidence Barcelona , where I went out into the street with some cheeky skinny jeans.

The singer came from Czech RepublicWhere he traveled with his children Milan and Sasha for sports. his wife, Gerrard Pique, also travel to the event. Although many cameras managed to capture it. Publicly, there was no connection between them. What they enjoyed and supported by one of their youngsters as we have seen on previous occasions.

Only the paparazzi Jordy Martin, who has been monitoring the couple almost since its inception, is in the US and gave details he says sources close to the couple told him so. One of them is that Shakira and Pique They initially separated in January upon returning from a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. the athlete I would ask for space. I suggested couples therapy, he declined and the rest is history.

But the thing does not stop there. This same journalist, who cooperates with many media networks in the world, also confirmed yesterday Fat and thin The 22-year-old with whom Pique was related works with him at one of his many companies. He also said that Shakira did not know this and that she was finding out at this time.

For now, the accusations From betrayal remain dormant for Gerrard Pique. The same, even though he was already in front of the reporters, he didn’t speak further after the short statement they sent on social networks to confirm Separation after 12 years.

Regarding ShakiraIn the midst of chaos, the Colombian yesterday Post an impressive video With his father helping him with cognitive therapy. Let us remember that when the photos were made public, it was translated.”eyes like that” in AmbulanceRumors of an emotional breakdown spread quickly.

After that, her Shakira posted on your account Instagram A statement stating that his 90-year-old father had a fall. Apparently, her father’s health worries her very much. No doubt yesterday was a sigh in the midst of a storm. Currently, he is awaiting appearance before the Treasury of Spain and is facing trial for alleged tax fraud for 15 million euros.

Here we leave the matter.our end“Next to ru alexanderwhich they claimed could have been written after learning of the recent alleged infidelity of their children’s father, Gerard Pique.

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