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Shakira is really smiling, from ear to ear: the Colombian forgets her pain to take care of her father, Don William Mubarak

Shakira is really smiling, from ear to ear: the Colombian forgets her pain to take care of her father, Don William Mubarak


Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

It is no secret that Don William Mubarak is one of the most important people in his life Shakira. They say that the heavy crying she had a few days ago was from the pain of knowing her father was fine. However, all that bitter episode was left behind, and Don William went home.

Shakira’s father returns home with his beloved daughter. / Grosby Photography.

As we told you before, Shakira is ready to provide all the necessary care for her father. Already on Instagram he shared a video in which he can be seen helping him to read.

As Grosby explained, “The singer shared a touching video on social media of her helping her dad with cognitive exercises and thanked her fans.”

Shakira says, “With my dad out of the house and on his way, help him with post-traumatic cognitive stimulation. Thank you all for surrounding us with your great love. The Colombian smiles with utter joy when she sees her dad recovering. She is now really happy that her great love is with her safe and sound.”

Jennifer Lopez talks about Shakira

JLo released her documentary: ‘Halftime’ in which she showed that she does not like sharing her wonderful moment with Shakira. As Showbiz explained, Jennifer Lopez said: “It’s the worst idea in the world, for two people to top the same Super Bowl. It wasn’t a good idea.”Speaking in conversation with her music director, Kim Bourse, says Jennifer in an excerpt from the recording, as both women attempt to plan the number based on the limited time given to each of the heroines.

Although it was an eventual smash hit, it’s true that some fans of the artists complained at the time that none of their idols had enough minutes to properly defend their songs, all within a highly focused and variable potpourri. This was precisely one of the concerns expressed by Jennifer, as the documentary also highlighted: “We have six minutes and thirty seconds for each song. If we took one minute, we’d be in trouble. But we have to have our moment: This can’t be a fucking magazine.”explained Jennifer, who logically put forth these ideas without any teasing towards her celebrity partner.

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