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Shakira swims with her new song in the empty sea of ​​love

Shakira swims with her new song in the empty sea of ​​love

Shakira has been letting out the pain and anger she endured in love for just over a year, changing her complexion if she wanted, this time showing it openly in the form of peels. A few weeks after Disney released the new version of the little MermaidColombian singer He appears in a new video with a fish tail and the pink hair of the sea protagonist. “You’re always busy with a lot of work; the new song says, empty cup, about a woman dissatisfied with a man who thinks more about money than who is next to her. She adds in this new song about the scarcity of desire produced in collaboration with Colombian urban music singer Manuel Turizo, a 23-year-old who appears in the video as a prince who has no fish tail but two legs. The tragedy of being bipedal faces a wonderful mermaid.

unlike the little Mermaid But from Disney, Shakira doesn’t give her voice and songs an octopus to have two legs and chase a prince: they live in different worlds, it’s hot and cold, water doesn’t breathe and she does, and there’s nothing to change. “You’re colder than January, I ask for heat and you only give snow,” she says. “I’m not a mechanic but I’m trying to fix it and it doesn’t work; CPR doesn’t react,” he replies. Differences are irreconcilable. A mermaid is sometimes seen living among the ocean’s trash—a reference to the plastic pollution in the sea and the filth of living in empty love.

Songs selling romantic love are over in Shakira’s world: These are not the days anymore January day also There is loveStories from two decades ago. For over a year, Shakira has had a string of songs saying goodbye to the cheesy verses and the relationship she had with soccer player Gerard Pique: CongratulationsAnd in which he says to the sarcasm of his former partner that he is very good at deceiving her; routinein which he says that the fault in ending the relationship was neither this nor that; Music Sessions #53And where she says, in a more vindictive tone, that she will not devote herself to weeping but to that broken heart; TQGAnd in which he literally tells his ex that she’s older than him (she’s “better, stronger, level up”). The last two songs were among the most listened to on the platform this year Spotify globally.

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On this track, Shakira went through bachata, reggaeton, and trap, collaborating with some of urban music’s most popular singers like Carol G and Rao Alejandro. A month ago he went to play a simpler and sweeter piano solo tabletsa song dedicated to her two children in which she tells them not to worry about the plate her father broke: she will show them how to take care of the rest of the plates.

empty cup It comes with fewer attacks directed at Pique and his new partner, Clara Xia, and more recently, Shakira told magazine the people His focus today is elsewhere. “I’m rebuilding the nest,” says the singer, who left Barcelona with her two children and moved to Miami. Rumor has it that she may be dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, but even if that turns out to be true, the British driver is still far from appearing in a song. The only love Shakira is looking for is more elusive than fish and mermaids, which they call self-love.

“I don’t deny that I ask myself many times, as we all do, if we are worthy of love,” Shakira said. the people. But, he adds, “until we learn to love, to accept ourselves as we are, to stop believing we don’t deserve it unless someone shows it to us, and start working on really believing it. But there is a little bit of everything. There are days days.”

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