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Users accuse La Casa de los Famosos México of ‘fraud’ – Metro World News

Users accuse La Casa de los Famosos México of ‘fraud’ – Metro World News

A few weeks ago, Televisa acquired the rights to La Casa de los Famosos to do an edition in Mexico. This first season, which features stars like Paul Stanley, Sergio Mayer, Poncho de Nigris, Bárbara Torres, Wendy Guevara, and Apio Quijano, has provided plenty to talk about since day one.

Celebrity House Scam?

One scandalous thing is that there are users who hinted that their host Galilea Montejo made a lively gesture. This past June 21 was the reality show’s nomination, and when Montejo reached out to the celebrity, he said “I’ll get in touch with you later to let you know the list of nominees. Good luck everyone and good night guys.”

But what caught our eye was that she tucked her hair over her ear and this gesture was repeated by Stanley, let’s remember they work together on Hoy.

Gesture contact Galilea Montejo

According to viewers, this gesture meant a message from Jalil to a co-worker and was classified as a fraud.

“I think he told him he wasn’t nominated because Paul was kind of relaxed”; “Put Paul Stanley, my venerable darling, out of the kitchen and house of celebrity”; “What happened there? In addition to the fact that Galilea Montijo says everything backwards, he puts signs, ”were some of the comments made by users on social networks.

Al-Jalil: “We have no favoritism”

Two days later, Galilea explained live: “I want to point out that although we know all or the majority of the inhabitants within the house, we have known some of them for a long time, others less, but the truth is that we all love them. We don’t have, and we shouldn’t.” We shall have no kind of favoritism for any participant in the house.”

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