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Shakira surprised Carlos Vives on Saturday in Miami – People – Culture

Shakira surprised Carlos Vives on Saturday in Miami – People – Culture

Colombian singer Carlos Vives Celebrating the 30th anniversary of her artistic career. In order to share this special moment with his fans, he dedicated a large part of the year to giving a gift a trip world.

What was not expected was that the artist and composer, her great friend Shakira, would also participate in the celebration with an incredible surprise.

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Shakira surprises Carlos Vives

His bike was stolen from Carlos Vives in Bogotá. A few weeks after the release of the “Bike” video with Shakira, Samario’s bike was confiscated.

The “30th Tour” was presented on the night of Saturday, October 28, in Miami, USA, where thousands of people sang the songs of the singer and songwriter Al Samurai.

To that stage, at the Cascia Centre, Shakira also arrived as a surprise.

“I notice… I will try to do something unexpected In a few minutes,” the author of “Luba” wrote on her account X (formerly Twitter).

A few minutes later, he went live on Instagram, in which he admitted this to his followers I was backstage at the Vives stageAnd I was going to go out and surprise him when the song they put together came on: “Bicycle.”

I’ve never done this in my career.

“I’ve never done this before, those who know me know I’ve never done this in my career.”“, stated the Barranquilla woman, while in the background you can see and hear Carlos Vives singing the song live.

When I watched Shakira’s segment, I was amazed and the audience’s screams and applause became clear. Vives turned around and was speechless when he saw her.

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With a big hug, the emotions were noticeable, as they both maintained a friendship for years.

Shakira even stayed longer with him and danced to the song “Currambera”.

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