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Shakira, linked to the NBA star who was actually going to get engaged to her

Shakira, linked to the NBA star who was actually going to get engaged to her

thein life Shakira She’s been hectic since arriving in the US a few months ago to settle permanently in Miami with her two sons, Sasha and Milano, after His breakup with Gerard Pique.

The city in the United States is always very busy, both professionally and personally. Many stars and celebrities live in Miami, which opens and expands his circle of friends.

For example, in Formula 1 Miami GPthe Colombian can be seen in good company, in this case, by a well-known actor like Tom Cruise.

In this Grand Prix, Shakira can also be seen having dinner and going for a boat ride Lewis Hamilton. This company of men caused rumors to rise about a new relationship of the singer, in which British F1 was the best.

But it seems that he is not the only suitor of Shakira. In the last hours, the Colombian was seen watching a match in Miami Heat out of the playoffs of the NBA, although there may be a hidden, undisclosed interest more than just entertainment.

Until various media outlets started reporting the possibility of linking up with Shakira Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Apparently, the NBA and Colombian player They started following each other on Instagram. For which this movement was captured by many fans on social networks. We’ll see what happens and if Shakira has a partner again, after being with Pique.

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