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Eugenio Derbez responds to a young man who checked him in after he was not recognized on a flight | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY. Recently on TikTok, a video of an account @employee where A young woman can be seen traveling next to the Mexican actor, E.JEugenio DerbezBut this woman did not recognize him.

Thousands have commented on his video:

  • “someone explain”
  • “It’s Ludovico P. Luche”
  • It’s Armando Hoyos.
  • He’s a Mexican actor.
  • “It’s a legend”
  • You should watch his movies.
  • It’s Mexican Adam Sandler.

Among other comments they give her so that the girl will get to know the guy next to her.

In describing this video, the young woman states that people approached Eugenio to ask for pictures, so she suspected he was a famous person, but she didn’t know who he was.

A month later, Eugenio answered this video

More than a month after this video was posted and garnered nearly 40 million views, Eugenio Derbez He was responding quite creatively to this video.

Eugenio posted his response on TikTok:

“Hi Paige, introduce myself, my name is Eugenio Derbez and I’m primarily an actor and director; but sometimes I’m Parker’s butler, or a billionaire, and sometimes I’m also a music teacher, but what I definitely do best is be a Latino hipster.”

Mentioning the above, he posted pictures of the films he referred to:

  • “server”
  • man to water
  • “CODA,” the recent winner of the 2022 Academy Award for Best Picture.

near the end of your video, The comedian asked netizens for help to find out the identity of the girl:

“Now can someone tell me who this girl is and why people are following her? She has over a million followers on TikTok.”

Some of the comments were as follows:

  • “I am one of your fans”
  • “best answer”
  • “I wonder who she is too”
  • “Always creative and humble”
  • “You’re missing Shrek’s ass.”
  • “He was lucky he didn’t meet him because he didn’t let him rest.”
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Among other comments left by users in the video.

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