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Angela Aguilar surprises her fans with “futuristic” lingerie that is on-trend

Angela Aguilar surprises her fans with “futuristic” lingerie that is on-trend

There was no doubt about that Angela Aguilar About her future, since she was young, she knew that the path she would follow would be the path of music and not only because she belonged to one of the most beloved and respected dynasties in Mexico, but because since then she has already shown that she had the materials to prostrate herself in front of the camera and sing

Now, at 19, he can boast of a great music career that is just beginning. Successes in various fields are the guarantee that will continue to push them to conquer their audiences in Mexico, South America and the United States. However, it seems that the translator of “La Llorona” was indirectly related to fashion, because the posts she made on social networks made her a benchmark for her followers.

Through his Instagram stories, Angela Aguilar He highlighted the “tribute” paid to him by Vogue in this sense; His “futuristic style” in tight pants It has emerged for being the latest in trends. Since then, the singer has flaunted many models as she makes it clear that she has good taste, as well as being completely original with her outfits.

Angela Aguilar with her futuristic leggings (Photo: screenshot)

clothes Daughter of Pepe AguilarWhich caught the eye with its black color with lights, and also boasted about it on its virtual platforms, where it won the applause of its loyal followers. However, on this occasion, only share the remark made by the referred broker. Sure enough, he’d received many comments full of compliments from him followersonly on Instagram it has more than 9 million.

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despite of clothes to Angela Aguilar Impressive as the dresses she wore to her presentations, she recently surprised locals and outsiders after posing in tight-fitting tracksuits that revealed her flat stomach. In this case, he made it clear that he is preparing more than necessary for the 8-date US tour. In addition to being personable, she explains that she is a professional, as she always strives to give the best to her audience.

Ángela Aguilar has become a fashion benchmark (Photo: Angel_aguilar_)