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Chyno Miranda reappears and denounces that they want to disable him in the United States

Chyno Miranda reappears and denounces that they want to disable him in the United States

Chyno Miranda reappeared on social networks, after the ‘influencer’, Irael Gomez, shared part of a conversation the singer had with his lawyer from Venezuela and the United States, in which he accused his work team that he had in the past Block access to your social networks to communicate with his followers.

“This group has not worked for me for some time,” said Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, the singer’s real name, explaining that his legal representatives in Venezuela are Gustavo Bernal and Alvaro Herrera, while in the United States it is Alex Ariza.

He said, “They’ve taken advantage of my social networks to get along with me, not to work with me anymore. I need to be in touch with my fans and my people.”

Chyno Miranda’s boyfriend denounces that they want to “disrupt” the singer

The “influencer”, who in recent months has shown his unconditional support for the Venezuelan star, was accompanied by a video with a message explaining the alleged situation of his friend.

Chino Miranda Try writing it off in the US by his former lawyer and his relatives, and a Florida court judge rejected this request because they lied to him, “because lawyer Alex Arreaza explains in the video that the judge was not aware that the singer had been in Venezuela for more than a year.

chyno Motakin is still asking for his social networks back by his former manager and the ‘Arabs’ whom I will soon name by names and titles,” he said regarding the people who allegedly prevented him from regaining control of their personal files and added that ” He wants to be close to youBut they are still forbidden to do so.”

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Although Natasha Araus, Chyno’s ex-partner and mother of his son, has stayed away from his legal troubles, he “loved” Irrael Gómez’s publication.

Irael Gomez denounces that they want to “disrupt” Chino Miranda in the United States.

credit: Irael Gomez/Instagram