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Shakira goes surfing ‘free and happy’

Shakira goes surfing ‘free and happy’

Smiling, beautiful and complete, that’s how they describe Shakira His fans, who are now celebrating it, are in Miami and away from his ex-wife Gerrard PiqueThe singer enjoys social life like never before, because in recent weeks she has been seen with artist friends, with pilots, with actors, at concerts, at public events and even on the waves, enjoying one of her passions, surfing.

The singer, who made her separation from Gerard Pique public almost a year ago, has had difficult months since then, first with transcripts of the breakup, and then confirmation that it was due to infidelity, since he was her ex-husband, for months. In a relationship with the young woman named Clara Shea.

The interpreter of “Monotonía” has shared with her audience the process of this controversial and media breakup, and through four songs released in recent months, she has shown her feelings and what really matters to her in life. “I congratulate you”, “Monotonia”, “Music Sessions No. 53″ and”tabletsIt contains the latest experiences of the 46-year-old artist.

Shakira “free”

In her latest video, Shakira appears happy as she surfs the seas of Miami, wearing a smile, and her followers have expressed their happiness to see her very active and fun after changing her life, and she left Barcelona where she lives. The last 10 years of her life, she left her children to start a new project that started off very well.

Much has been said and speculated about what Shakira’s real life with Pique was like, and although only the two really know what it was like to work as a couple, the singer’s followers say that until now Shakira is truly free, not like when she was with Piqué, where she would have been limited. and somewhat withdrawn due to various circumstances regarding the former footballer’s treatment, relationship with her former in-laws and the limited circle of friends she had at the time.

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“Sure God does not take, God liberates. If there are no waves, it is made!” A netizen said in the video in which the Colombian wrote, “It is made!” Being posted, it has already exceeded 1 million “likes”.