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The touching gesture of Karol G with a fan at a full concert going around the world

The touching gesture of Karol G with a fan at a full concert going around the world

Carol J. She is one of the divas of the moment who flaunts her charisma, both on and off stage. It is this natural personality that has made her one of the most beloved singers in Latin America. He is currently on tour, and in many of his concerts there have been situations that have not gone unnoticed by his followers.

“La Bichota” continues to be shown Concerts “Tomorrow is going to be a nice ride” across the United States. At his recent concert in Dallas, Texas, an unexpected detail occurred that quickly went viral on social media. As usual, the Colombian surprised her followers with some actions that affected the experience of her performances.

Karol G. Source: Instagram @karolg.news

Carol G’s gesture that moves the world

being Carol J. And on stage in Dallas, an audience member held up a banner indicating that he had chosen to cancel his birthday party in order to attend the party. The surprising thing about this situation is that the singer noticed this gesture and not only read the message on stage but also prepared a little surprise for her.

with the prom Moving forward, La Pichota confirmed that Texas is the city where its fans carried more banners. She even asked her staff to take a picture of her, as she was impressed by the number of messages and expressions of love sent to her by the audience. The Colombian read one such message, “I canceled my birthday party to celebrate with La Bichota.”

at that moment Carol J. He told his admirer, “My queen, now I’m going over there and we’re going to sing a song so you can see that you made the right decision.” The Colombian’s behavior certainly filled the hearts of her fans and that’s why the truth got out in a matter of minutes.

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