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Shakira brushes Gerard Pique's comb during their last meeting

Shakira brushes Gerard Pique’s comb during their last meeting

The public appearance of the former partner is on fire!

Gerard Pique and Shakira appeared together but didn’t tackle their son’s baseball game and everyone comments on the suspicious gesture by the singer.

Shakira seems to have a thorn in the side of her ex, Pique (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP) (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

What is Shakira’s gesture to her ex-boyfriend?

Telecinco Socialité broadcast a video about the great moment in which the Colombian artist scratched her eye in an unusual way.

Shakira was enjoying the game to the fullest at the foot of the court while Pique was in the stands, at one point focused on the stands, the artist put her middle finger and combed her hand but, instead of holding it, he scratched.

But didn’t they reach an agreement and make peace?

Judging by the pictures, peace seems to be nothing! The unexpected break between Shakira and Blaugrana Gerard Pique was stormy from the start and I would say it still is.

Obviously, if Pique had cheated on Shakira with other women as it was rumored, it would not be a dish of good taste for her to see the face of the man who caused her so much damage again.

The tense negotiations were always done through lawyers, and it took weeks to reach the main agreement that was a priority for both of them, which was custody of their children. Shaky and Gerard are the parents of Milan and Sasha, and for the sake of the little ones, they agreed to go with their mother to Miami.

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According to what was published, the father will go 10 days a month to be with them there and during vacation periods they will be able to travel to Barcelona with their father. It is a wonderful arrangement for the children since, even though they lose their routine and their friends here, they will continue to see their father regularly as well as live with their mother.

After reaching this important agreement, it may seem that the waters have calmed between Shakira and Pique but now, in his first public appearance as They coincided with watching their kids’ baseball game, and her cues put her in the spotlight.

Shakira gave it her all by dancing, cheering, screaming, celebrating goals and the match while Gerrard seemed more aware of his cellphone than anything else, judging by the photos of course. However, what the footballer didn’t miss was this supposed comb of his ex who secretly scratched his eye with his middle finger.

I don’t know if it’s really a comb, but I understand that the tabloids are echoing that because the gesture is not very natural, we usually scratch our eyes with other fingers and without that specific gesture in between, too, andIn the midst of a pitched battle and with Clara Xia in the middle, it wouldn’t be surprising that when she saw her ex-boyfriend, Shakira didn’t want to lose her temper in public but she couldn’t suppress her desire either. To plant that gesture all over his face.

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