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From the beach, Lucero falls in love with her fans quite naturally

From the beach, Lucero falls in love with her fans quite naturally

bright Star He grabbed attention on social media in the past hours because he posted a picture of her He left all his fans speechless Well it turns out The lovable actress and singer was spotted from the beach completely natural Therefore, the revealing image caused an uproar among the fans of “La Novia de América”, who turned out to praise Lucerito Mijares’ mother.

It was through his official Instagram profile where bright Star Share the photo in question, which was just the point Show off the beautiful landscapes he was enjoying during his short vacation Take advantage of the bridge holidays for November 20th.

“I always love the sea” It was the text he wrote bright Star to accompany his image which, He appeared posing from what appeared to be the balcony of his hotel room, Which had a great view of the sea and in the aforementioned photo, the singer showed more than just a smile, signifying “love and peace” with her right hand.

Lucero revealed her completely natural face. Photo: IG: luceromexico

It should be noted that for this postcard, Lucero appeared without a single drop of makeup, showing her completely natural face. In addition, she also looked somewhat disheveled and was wearing sunglasses and only a little bit of the swimsuit she was wearing, which was brown, could be seen. Her fans showered her with praise and thanked her for her honesty.

“‘beautiful’ falls short”, “you look amazing”, “you are a goddess”, “better every day”, “a true sweetheart” and “simply divine” These are some of the compliments that can be read in the comment box of Lucero’s post, which, as of the end of this writing, has already accumulated about 50,000 likes.

Lucero and Mijares prepare for the challenge together

despite Lucero and Megaris have been separated for over ten yearsThey have always maintained a close relationship mainly because of their children, however, they did tour together for a few months called “until we are done” After touring different cities, the next day Friday 25 November They will face a truly formidable challenge as they intend to fill national hall, Which they are very likely to achieve because they have an audience of all ages who have been waiting for this show for many months.

Lucero and Mijares manage to maintain their friendship despite their divorce. Photo: private

At present, it has not been confirmed Lucero and Megaris They prepared something special for their concert at the National Auditorium, however, Fans of the ex-partner have already begun to ask them on social networks to invite their daughter Lucerito to the stage Well, it has already shown that he inherited all the talents and charisma of his parents.

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