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Shakira breaks records with Monotona: the best release of her entire career

Shakira breaks records with Monotona: the best release of her entire career

TheColombian singer Shakira rocks her long-awaited Monotuna videoWhich premiered recently and in one day exceeded the number of views on YouTube, which scored so far BadBunny. The video, in which many confirmed that the translator refers to her separation from the football player Gerrard PiqueIt quickly became number one in the music trend on the platform and within 24 hours it already had over 20 million views, becoming the number one in trends on YouTube, according to Sony in a statement..”Only you, your charm has made such an amazing debut!And Shakira indicated, yesterday, via her Twitter account.

This makes this a new topic, Biggest Spanish debut in 2022the biggest single debut on YouTube and biggest debut in Shakira’s career and 12th worldwide appearance on Spotify.

Shakira hints at Piqu in Monotona

And after the topic was brought up, fans of the Colombian artist checked all the phrases dedicated to her ex-partner, after rumors that the song would be filled with them. After the case was announced, there are many allusions to be seen in Monotona’s words. “It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t mine, it was the fault of monotony.”.

Ranking of the most viewed music videos in 24 hours

  1. BTS – Butter (108.2 million views on Youtube)
  2. BTS – Dynamite (101.1 million)
  3. Blackpink – How Do You Like It (86.3 million)
  4. Blackpink feat. Selena Gomez – Ice Cream (79 million)
  5. BTS feat. Halsey – Boy with Love (74.6 million)
  6. Lisa – Lalisa (73.6 million)
  7. BTS – Permission to Dance (72.3 million)
  8. BTS – Life Goes On (71.6 million)
  9. Guru Randhawa – Nine Bengali (71.4 million)
  10. Taylor Swift. Brendon Urey – ME! (65.2 million)

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