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Shakira and the real reason Milan and Sasha couldn’t attend their uncle’s wedding

Shakira and the real reason Milan and Sasha couldn’t attend their uncle’s wedding

R was found.Recently, photos of the former football player could be seen in Barcelona Gerrard Pique At the Miami airport, with his children Shakira. Milan and Sasha, along with their father, returned with their mother after spending a few days with the Spaniards. A situation that has been in question lately, since it must be remembered that in the next few days the former footballer held his brother’s wedding and asked the Colombian singer to be able to count on his children to go to the celebration.

An important ceremony that the woman from Barranquilla disapproves of from the start, forbidding the children to go with their father to their uncle’s wedding. Marc Pique’s wedding will take place on July 23, on such an important day for her family, the artist would have rejected the possibility of extending her children’s stay in Barcelona further than was initially agreed upon.

The “anti” clause Clara Shea

But as confirmed by the journalist Pepe Del Real, confirmed on the Ana Rosa program, There is a clause in the regulatory agreement signed by Shakira and Gerard Pique when they separated To “determine or regulate who may be in the home and live with the children”. According to this paragraph, the singer was supposed to enforce the protection of minors and not to include in their lives people who could pass through their father.

He was until the last minute trying to reach an agreement with Shakira to leave them. But the problem is that she told him that the agreement states that her current partnerUntil they are agreed upon, you cannot share the space with the minors because they have to have time to adjust to living together and so on,” the journalist explained.

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In fact, Clara Chia, on this occasion, when Pique arrived with her children, moved to her parents’ house. Instead of sharing a house, he was staying with his parents. Pique used to say: ‘He wouldn’t let me have children. If you’ll excuse me, I can’t take my current partner. It was a bit like, Pepe del Real recalled, “It makes it so hard for me that in the end I’m going to take them.”