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Selena, the series |  Christian Ceratos vs.  Jennifer Lopez who best played Selena Quintanilla?  |  nczg |  Skipping an entry

Selena, the series | Christian Ceratos vs. Jennifer Lopez who best played Selena Quintanilla? | nczg | Skipping an entry

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March marked the 25th anniversary of his death , The Tex-Mex queen and the legendary Mexican-American singer who, with her tragic disappearance, became an icon of Latin music.

With the announcement of the premiere of the second season of “Selena: The Series” is on Netflix May 4th championship It was impossible for us not to remember the role that was His rise to international fame with the movie “Selena” in 1997. Both productions (with their differences and coincidences) deal with childhood, growth, first concerts, his fascination, success and betrayal of the young singer who was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar at the age of 23 years.

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On the one hand, we have young J. Lo looking for stardom. It was 1997, just two years after Selena’s death and the news still caused pain to her followers, but their physical similarity and study of their gestures made this biographical film so successful.

On the one hand, there is Christian Serratos who is known for his participation in series such as “Ned’s School Survival Guide” and “The Walking Dead”, as well as in the “Twilight” movie series. She is the star of a Netflix series that has been questioned by critics but continues to achieve high levels of popularity in the United States and Latin America.

Jennifer Lopez Before She Was Diva The Bronx

(Written by Diana Gonzalez)

Before becoming La Diva del Bronx, Jennifer Lopez played the most important role in her career, which is that of Selena Quintanella (1970-1991), the queen of Tex-Mex. The musical and film star, known as J.Lo, distinguished the Mexican-American singer in 1997 just two years after her horrific murder in “Selena”, directed by Gregory Nava.

His description did not go unnoticed. Her first lead, Selena, earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Jennifer Lopez was 28 years old and the career was about to take off thanks to this role, the same role she got after convincing the director in a tough competition where one of the applicants was no less than a star. Salma Hayek.

“They gave me the role for a reason and I think it was to learn from her, so Selena will always be a great inspiration for me and I have been very fortunate to be chosen to play it. As an artist, this movie was really an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Lopez highlighted her Instagram account, 25 years after The death of Selena Quintanella.

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At the time, in the late 1990s, Lopez’s main interest was acting, while professional singing was a skill he would take very seriously later, according to his interviews. See it in turn Selena Quintanella It is confirmation that fate has played in your favor. Both were born and raised in the United States, and were of Hispanic origin with little to no Spanish. But beyond these coincidences, Jennifer Lopez Make an effort to study and repeat the singer’s gestures and modify the voice and gestures. And she succeeded. Physical resemblance is supported by makeup and hairstyles especially in their wardrobe.

She was named Selena Quintanella "Most influential and best-selling Latin artist of the 1990s" Posted by Billboard Magazine.  (Photo: EMI Music)
Selena Quintanella was named “The Most Influential and Best-selling Latin Artist of the 1990s” by Billboard magazine. (Photo: EMI Music)

“As I was preparing for the role, I studied her tirelessly, every step, her finger movements and her lips … her infectious laugh … her expressions,” said Jennifer Lopez on her Instagram account at the age of 24. • Movie premiere. You can check by watching the movie and comparing scenes from the concert. In fact, many YouTube videos highlight these coincidences.

Jennifer Lopez costumes have special value in the movie, and are an essential aspect to the authenticity of the biographical story that is being developed. The assurance and reliability of the details that are listed can be found in the executive production that Selena’s father himself did, and are valuable information for his fans.

Jennifer Lopez appears to have been used by Jennifer Lopez as a way to really burn the childhood aisle, the famous sequin top that Selena has created outfits for which she will be called Queen Bustier, as well as her real-life styling. puberty. The crop tops and the memorable purple suit she wore to the Houston Astrodome Concert, in front of more than 67,000 fans, reinforces the film’s fidelity to Selena’s true story.

Jennifer Lopez is very impressed with Selena and thanks God for giving her this chance to shine (Photo: Warner Bros / AFP)
Jennifer Lopez is very impressed with Selena and thanks God for giving her this chance to shine (Photo: Warner Bros / AFP)

Language and racism are among the main themes that the feature film highlights, because it is not just about family history or love. As we saw in “Selena,” one of the concerns of Abraham Quintanella, Selena’s father and manager, was the possible rejection of Selena’s songs by the American audience due to their Mexican origin, which is why as a child she sang only in English. Once in Mexico, he was able to further his musical career with his brothers, as they found the source of success in Tex-Mex lyrics and Spanish songs. After obtaining Mexican recognition, they entered the market in the English language, which allowed them to release singles in this language.

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Another feature that can be appreciated for or against (it depends on the optics) is that Jennifer Lopez did not sing Selena songs for the movie, apparently because the audience is still hurt by her idol’s recent death and they could take her to the bad. . The voice we heard at parties is the real Selena voice with some adjustments.

Author rating: ★★★★

Christian Serratos and the beginnings of Selena

(Posted by Pirina Daenigre)

Netflix caused huge expectations last year with the announcement of the Selena: The Series, A production that promised to show us the history of the tex-mex queen like never before. Sure, with the production of the Suzette brothers and CEO AB Quintanilla, great detail was expected in the main character, but the first season disappointed more than one.

Here I get into conflict as a henchman of Selena, because The series is an interesting and well-done biographical base for the Quintanilla familyBut the singer does not get the fame that she deserves. In Act One, there’s a brushstroke on Selena’s tough childhood, with Madison Taylor Baez performing, and how her father Abraham Quintanella (Ricardo Shavera) sees a great talent in her and tries to achieve the esteem she thinks she deserves. In the same episode, we get to know Ceratus playing the teen singer, but he fails to impress.

(Image: Netflix)
(Image: Netflix)

In the early shows, A. An attempt to imitate Selena is somewhat forced. Even in the most intimate moment of the family, Serratos introduces a teenage girl with an optimism that seems somewhat erratic. In the following episodes, he commits to showing the transformations Selena y los Dinos has gone through: the change of members, his first gold record, the learning Selena went through to sing in Spanish. the only This tense moment went well for the road as a songwriter and AB producer (Gabriel Chavarría), who had to balance his life on the show with his family life.

Selena Quintanella I made a complete presentation. a Amazing sound, A costume that enhanced her form, style, and dance moves that captivated anyone. Now, this has been tough on Serratos and has come out. The actress had to do prof Employment Selena’s voice and I feel she lacks practice. In the first part of the first act, an adult version of the singer is seen and notes that she cannot pronounce Spanish well. They could say it’s a little overrated comment, but cutting off the imagination of seeing Selena onstage is unforgivable.

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(Image: Netflix)
(Image: Netflix)

One of the positive aspects of the series was Clothes. Glitter, buttons, roses, and leather are all achieved from Selena in her early days. Of course, it should be borne in mind that in the early part of the series, he looks as iconic as the one he used in Astrodome or in the video for “Forbidden Love”, but the girdles, shoes, and shooting pants were not shown to lack height and change of appearance in her hair.

One of the most important points when honoring the singer is consideration Attendance on stage Which I had. The flavor of Cumbia, the elegance and seduction of flamenco melded into the Tex-Mex queen and it was impossible to stop looking at her. Every dance step, hand gesture, and look invites you to enjoy. This is seen, but on a smaller scale, in Serratos performing, as if she was just too shy to shine like Selena herself. So we give this point to J. Lo, who has managed to better capture Quintanilla’s power on stage.

(Photo: Sarah Khaled / Netflix)
(Photo: Sarah Khaled / Netflix)

Now, we’re close to the second season premiere of production and introduces the trailer Take a look at the most famous and traumatic moments in Selena’s life. Here we will see her transformation as a soloist, the recording of the album she wants in English, the complex relationship with her husband, and of course the emergence of Yolanda Saldivar, Who runs the singer’s fan club.

As Serratos herself says, “Season 1 was exciting because people had a history lesson,” but now we hope to see Selena who knows how to shine and stay in everyone’s memory. And of course let’s hope the actress delivers a performance that can shock us.

Selena: The Series It allows us to get to know the Quintanilla family, and especially the patriarch, in an intimate way, and although he has plot issues, he has an ease. It’s a rather interesting introduction to what is to come.

Author’s rating: ★★ 1/2


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