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Master of Heaven: The horrific accident suffered by Isabella Castillo during the recordings of Malverde El Santo Patron |  Netflix soap operas nnda nnlt |  Fame

Master of Heaven: The horrific accident suffered by Isabella Castillo during the recordings of Malverde El Santo Patron | Netflix soap operas nnda nnlt | Fame

Isabella Castillo, recognized internationally after she was a part of I had a terrible accident during the recordings of “Malverde: The Patron Saint”. The series has already started filming in Mexico to be premiered later this year on Telemundo.

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Starring the famous Mexican actor and singer Pedro Fernandez, Malverde: Patron Saint It tells the story of a boy born in 1870 in Sinaloa who will become a mythical, almost religious figure, defender of the people, protector of both the innocent, the poor and the dispossessed, and hence drug traffickers and criminals.

He is part of this Telemundo production team that promises to become one of the favorites on the small screen. The Cuban-American actress had an unpleasant moment when she was filming a scene in which she was riding a horse. what happened? Here we tell you.

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“Lord of Heaven”: The horrific accident that Isabella Castillo suffered during the recordings of “Malverde: El Santo Patrin”

According to El Diario NY, He was filming when he fell sharply from a horse. This caused a fracture of the shoulder and arm. The situation that worries his colleagues at work.

After a terrible blow, She was taken to hospital where she had to undergo surgery due to the severity of her injuries.

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After what happened to the beautiful Cuban, many asserted once again that “Malverde: The Patron Saint” had a “curse”, as they confirmed many negative things happened about this production.

Despite the difficult situation, Isabella Castillo smiled at her followers after the surgery. The beautiful actress decided to share a video in which she was in good spirits and emphasized that the important thing is how often you wake up.

“It’s not about how many times she falls, but about how many times she wakes up again, this is how the beautiful actress wrote on her social media networks,” reads the description of the video on Instagram.

In the photos, Isabella Castillo is shown recovering, wearing glasses and some orthoses to make sure that her shoulder and arm are fully healed so that she soon joins the recordings of the series.

It must be remembered that the movie “Malverde: The Patron Saint” will initially be the beloved protagonist Fernando Kollunga alongside Ariadne Diaz. However, despite the fact that they were already recording, the supporters had changed.

After some time, it is revealed that it is Pedro Fernandez who will give life to the famous saint. While Carolina Miranda, she will be the one to replace the beautiful Ariadne.