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Erica Bowenville lives horrific moments due to attempted blackmail!

Erica Bowenville lives horrific moments due to attempted blackmail!

Around six o’clock in the afternoon, Sunday Mexico time, Erica Bowenville Take a look at his stories to tell the bad times he just went through on a Sunday because of an unwanted phone call.

Someone tried to extort money from her, making her believe that someone was watching her outside her home, and he shared details that terrified her deeply. Queen of Tiktok, Who asked for help Twitter.

“They made me believe, or they told me, that there were some people outside my house, in short, many things that I will detail later, I was very afraid, they provided very specific details that made me think it was. Possible, or maybe it was possible, I don’t know, Because at that moment I didn’t even want to show my face … ”he revealed with a frightened face.

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“I didn’t know what to do, it never happened to me, and I’m applying for help,” he said, referring to the Twitter message that strongly alerted his followers, “Just to know, my head was closed and I did. I don’t know who to turn to …”

He also confirmed that very nice people responded to him immediately and helped him: “Thank God, I’m fine, the complaint has already been raised, and it’s the first thing we do, we’ll just eat, a long day, but Nicholas and I’m fine.

He did not forget to thank his propaganda, Victor Khun, She quickly went to the actress’ house to accompany her through her tense and difficult moments as well as her fans, who responded by doing so. Soon they felt that Rafik Angelique Boyer On Beat the past He was in trouble.

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A good horror that Erica Bowenville won’t easily forget.