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Secrets of the words of the session No. 53 of Shakira and Bizarab

AndI know the song of the moment all over the world, the song that’s on everyone’s lips. the Shakira and Bizrap Session #53 He continues to break records for views and downloads, with words about the divorce between the Colombian and Gerard Picot that leave no one indifferent. Kittin, the song’s composer alongside Shakira, has revealed some of the secrets of the composition of Molusco TV’s music show.

“Yeah, we had to remove the strong stuff. We changed some parts because then certain things can happen… We changed the verses a few times, and we had to change it to be more precise, because we were looking for the exact point, without it going too far, but Not too loud, either. “Soft,” he said.

I suggested the sal pique, which was originally a line about ‘that chili lacks more pique’. Shakira brought out ‘clarity of mind’, which is something that should be in the song, so yeah. That’s ‘I bend two out of 22’ what It would never have crossed my mind. It was hers. It’s very difficult. Shakira was a composer so I simply helped her rhyme, but the composer was Shaq,” he said.

Who is Ketin?

Kevin Mauricio Cruz Moreno, better known as Ketin, is a 26-year-old Colombian composer. He has worked for artists of the stature of Juanes, Maluma, Carol J. , c. Palvin or Ed Sheeran. He has already collaborated with Shakira on “Monotona” and “Te felicito”, the other two songs after his divorce that contain clear allusions to his former partner, Gerard Picot.

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“Women no longer cry, women’s bill” bears his signature. “Shakira will always sing how she feels; she wants to show what she’s been through. She’s not like other artists that are spiteful or not, they bring you a song of spite and make you feel it. Shakira has to live it when you’re in love that makes you a love song, And when she’s angry, she makes a hate song for you because she wants to show how she feels.”

“She told me ‘I want this, this’ and a pin! The song came out on its own. She wanted to say things, I helped her rhyme, but from the list of things she wanted to say I think everything is left,” said the Colombian, who has won praise from Bizarab for his ability to Compilation of the lyrics of the song is history with Shakira.