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Bad Bunny appears in public with a mysterious woman

At the start of 2023, Bad Bunny suffers one of the biggest setbacks of his career, after a video surfaced in which he loses patience with one of his fans and ends up throwing her phone into the water when she tries to film it. .

She did not wait for criticism from users and even from his fans, and in addition to describing the singer as arrogant, they asked to “delete” him from social networking sites. This situation affected the compiler of “Neverita” as his music and his name began to lose popularity; He even made his accounts private and sent a mysterious message warning that the world, online at least, would miss him.

So far, Benito has stayed away from the cameras and reflective, however, last Friday he appeared publicly at a sporting event, drawing attention to his private clothing and his mysterious company.

The so-called “Bad Rabbit” attended the Lakers vs. Grizzlies game, which took place in Los Angeles, and although he tried to go unnoticed, his bizarre outfit drew a lot of attention. Regatonero, who has become synonymous with fashion, is seen wearing a pink jacket, a small handbag of the same color, but with a brown ski mask covering his entire head and face, all that can be seen are his eyes, which he also hid behind a pair of dark glasses.

In addition, his pants were most criticized, because although they were simple jeans, they had a slit in the front, right at the crotch.

What ended up stealing the attention of those present were Benito’s companions, that is, he did not come alone, but accompanied by one of his dancers and an attractive and mysterious blonde.

The girl, like the singer, wore glasses that covered a large part of her face; However, some say it has to do with Liana Bell, a fan who got up to dance on stage during his concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

This made his fans wonder what happened to Gabriela Berlingieri, who until a few months ago was speculated to be Benito’s official girlfriend. The fact is that the singer himself denied that they were a couple, although he admitted that they were good friends, she continued to share photos and videos together on her social networks.

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