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Chiquis Rivera shows off her figure in a swimsuit and her fans criticize the size of her lips

Chiquis Rivera shows off her figure in a swimsuit and her fans criticize the size of her lips

Chiquis Rivera.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Singer Chiquis Rivera Through her social networks, she has remained very active to feel close to her fans. That’s why, last Friday, he shared a video in which he looks so happy, while continuing to promote his latest single.

This time Jenny Rivera’s daughter decided to wear a full bathing suit, while He never misses an opportunity to show off his ass. Plus, in the background, you can see that he was enjoying a rather sunny day, as well as a pool and that he definitely took advantage of his stay in the place to take a shower.

“I always take the sting out.”was the message that accompanied the video he shared with his more than five million followers on the camera’s social network.

Feedback was instant, with hundreds of people taking the time to express how they felt by sharing their latest content. In turn, one user highlighted that Chekiss is getting better in her career.

However, not all of the expressions that were recorded were positive, with many agreeing on the same thing because the taste of the users, Your lips look a bit exaggerated. In exchange, they asked him not to inject anything else into that part of his body.

Don’t do your lips anymore, you look more natural “,” I didn’t really like how she sang, but I like her as a person. But this little mother’s song, How barbaric do you get better”, “Because I’m the queen bee”, “I like your glasses, where are they from?” “,” Everything is fine except for the lips “,” She has no choice but to show her ass as always “,” Your lips “,” And now the face already looks strange “,” What could he have done to prevent sagging skin ? “,” What happened to your lips? Did a wasp sting you? “,” Don’t smudge, the botox has passed “,” What a delight “,” She has the crown well “, were some of the impressions recorded in the post.

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