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Asesor en ciencias del Primer Tribunal Ambiental asume como ministro en Segundo Tribunal Ambiental

Scientific advisor to the first environmental court takes the position of minister in the second environmental court – komal

In the coming days, the Scientific Adviser of the First Environmental Court, Dr. Christian Lopez Montenos, will assume the position of Alternate Minister for Science at the Second Environmental Court based in Santiago.

The professional, who has worked for three years in the Antofagasta-based Environmental Court, has an important approach and has formed a team of scientific advisors responsible for providing scientific and technical support to support decision-making and judgment.

Now Minister Cristian López Montenos has a PhD in Geography, Regional Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Barcelona and is a forest engineer by profession. During his time at the Judicial Authority for the Northern District College, he was actively involved in building conciliation bases in cases involving large-scale projects such as Pascua Lama, Minera Escondida and Cia.

His expertise in geospatial analysis, environmental remote sensing and the use of GIS led him to implement the Geospatial Intelligence System for Environmental Justice, SIGJA, whose goal was to support the generation of failures by making strong arguments based on analysis from big regional data that, in addition, Make it possible to contribute to the reduction of inconsistent access and facilitate the understanding and use of environmental justice by all actors.

In addition, in his work as a scientific adviser, he had to actively participate in the territorial spread of the team in various judicial proceedings, in order to expand knowledge and to entrust it to the analysis of various controversies presented to the court.

The news of Lopez’s appointment was known a few months ago, and they were waiting for the signing of the official decree issued today. In April, the Senate ratified the Doctor of Geography by 37 votes.

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The Environmental Court I team wishes the new Minister of Science for Environmental Court II all the best.