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Sci-fi?  The laptop and the “virtual” warehouse are developed in Cuba

Sci-fi? The laptop and the “virtual” warehouse are developed in Cuba

According to local press reports, one of the objectives of the Ministry of Internal Trade (Mincin) in Cuba is to develop virtual warehouses and supply notebooks.

Article from Granma He notes that “the goal is ambitious” and sounds like “science fiction,” but asserts that it will “enhance much-needed e-commerce.”

Mincin’s IT director specified to the aforementioned state media that “the project is closely related to the computing of the so-called Oficodas, because it uses the Oregi system as a base.”

According to the information provided, the objective of the virtual warehouse is to control the purchase of products from the family basket of regulated and controlled substances.

The text refers to “virtual purchases for ‘errands’ and the shopkeeper, in the system, is updated through mobile devices, so that he can control who buys, who pays and how much products he buys.”

Likewise, they report that it has a notification system for products arriving at the warehouse and the expiration date for these medical diets.

Cuban consumers will also be able to choose pre-packaging and courier service as additional options.

Cuba Digital Supply Book

They explained from MINCIN that the project is being designed in phases and deployment in the “total repository” was not considered. Everything will depend on how it works in “practice”.

They explained that the virtual repository will be associated with a digital notebook, and anyone using this method will not be able to obtain a physical notebook.

Likewise, they point out that the project is designed so that only the head of the kernel registered in the system checks in the box that corresponds to the month of purchase in the quantity he wishes to receive, according to the number of consumers. in his supply book.

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