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Scholarships in Mathematical Engineering Sciences at UTP

Scholarships in Mathematical Engineering Sciences at UTP

Written by Albes Calderon Sanchez

National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cinaset) mentioned that the call for applications is available Scholarships for Master’s Degree in Mathematical Engineering Sciences 2023. The opportunity is aimed at Panamanians with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or related fields, Physics, Basic Engineering Sciences or Engineering, who wish to pursue studies at the Technological University of Panama (UTP).

This program aims to form human resources in the national territory capable of carrying out a mathematical approach and addressing the problems raised in the industrial and engineering sciences, and thus constitutes a focus for the development of applied research with a strong mathematical and computational base and research in mathematics in general.

Duration: These scholarships will last for twenty-four (24) months.

Exclusive full-time dedication within the program at a rate of forty (40) hours per week from Monday to Friday.

quantities: The scholarships for this program will have an annual allocation of up to Sixty Thousand Balboa with 00/100 (B/.60,000.00) to cover the following items:

• Tuition fees, laboratory fees and fees for related services of an educational nature.

• A monthly salary of up to B/. 1,300.00 for exclusive full-time dedication to the program at a rate of forty (40) hours per week from Monday to Friday.

• Notebooks and bibliographic resources.

• English course.

The program covers only 24 months of maintenance, which corresponds to the duration of a master’s degree; If extended, it must be covered by the student.

How to apply?

UTP Admission Process

  • Call opening date: October 2, 2023.
  • UTP Application Deadline: November 17, 2023 until 3:00 PM CT.
  • Interview: from 20 to 24 November 2023.
  • Delivery of acceptance letters by UTP: November 27 to December 7, 2023.
  • Start of classes at UTP: March 2024.

Synasite process

  • Call opening date: October 2, 2023.
  • Call closing date: January 4, 2024 until 3:00 PM EST.

All candidates must be Panamanian.

1. The scholarship application form is duly completed and signed.

2. Final acceptance letter to the Technological University of Panama program

3. A copy of the university degree in engineering or bachelor’s degree.

4. A copy of university credits from an engineering or bachelor’s degree, reflecting a minimum academic index of 1.80/3.00 or its equivalent (equalization procedure at the corresponding Panamanian university).

5. Submit an essay explaining the impact of the studies you are applying on your country, maximum three (3) pages. In addition, you should express your motivation and vision for why you want to conduct these studies.

6. Three (3) academic or professional letters of recommendation, duly signed.

7. Peace and safety in IFARHU. Managed directly at IFARHU: A form must be attached with IFARHU financial address verification and

Payment receipt or manage it through the Panama Digital Platform: the signed application and email must be attached as IFARHU gives you peace and


8. Be peaceful and safe in Cinaset. The coordinator will check at the time of reviewing the application whether it is safe and sound with the institution.

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9. A copy of the personal ID card, two sides on the same page.

10. An updated CV that explains your characteristics, studies, and achievements.

11. Fill out the IFARHU-SENACYT scholarship application form

12. A statement signed by the applicant, as proof of having read and accepted the regulations of the IFARHU-SENACYT Scholarship Program.

Applicants must submit all documents in the order they appear in the checklist on the SENACYT website.

Documents issued abroad must be submitted duly certified (sent or through consular means). All documents must be submitted

It is delivered in Spanish or simple translation.

**The award of the scholarship will be subject to the final admission of the candidate to the Technological University of Panama.

more information: here