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Scarlett Johansson had to hire legal counsel to deal with Sam Altman and OpenAI

Scarlett Johansson had to hire legal counsel to deal with Sam Altman and OpenAI

Scarlett Johansson has criticized OpenAI for allegedly using her voice without her consent. (Reuters/Sarah Messonnier)

After hours OpenAI will announce That would pause Voice ChatGPT Who looked like a Hollywood movie star Scarlett JohanssonThe actress issued a statement saying she has a lawyer to contact the CEO OpenAI, Sam AltmanBefore the company removed its audio option “sky”.

Johansson It was stated in a statement published in sbefore Twitterwhich Altman He called her last September 2023 and asked her to be the voice actress for his system GPT Chat 4.0. Johansson played a voice role in the film Ha (she), a romantic drama about a character who falls in love with an artificial intelligence chatbot Samantha.

Altman said Johansson It can “bridge the gap between technology companies and innovators and help consumers feel comfortable with the seismic shift happening around humans and AI.”

OpenAI removed the “Sky” audio option after letters from Johansson’s lawyers. (AP/Michael Dwyer)

Johansson He declined the offer AltmanBut nine months later his friends, family and the public told him he had a vote “sky” It looked just like her.

“When I heard the demo, I was shocked, angry and in disbelief that Mr. Altman “I searched for a voice that was so eerily similar to my own that my close friends and the media couldn’t tell the difference,” he said. Altman He implied, by tweeting the single word “she,” that this was a conscious choice.

After calling his lawyer OpenAI And Altman In two letters asking for precise details about how they appeared “sky”, OpenAI He added that he “reluctantly agreed” to withdraw his vote.

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“At a time when we are all facing Deep fakes “And to protect our image, our work and our identity, I believe these issues deserve absolute clarity.” Johansson.

Sam Altman stated that the voice of “Sky” was not Johansson’s. (Seven Hobby/DPA)

a description Johansson It hits the nail on the head of discussions about ambiguity and potential abuse Amnesty Internationalthe Chat bots And the Sound reproduction And video. Johansson He did not give his consent when the company wanted to use his voice, instead, OpenAI Use what is basically his Audio reproduction. His statement came a few days later Jan Lakehead alignment OpenAI whose team focused on artificial intelligence security, resigned from the company.

And in a statement in s, Like He said on Friday that “the culture of safety and operations has taken a backseat to the shiny products” at OpenAI And it was “against the trend.” OpenAI on the company’s core priorities for some time, until we reached a breaking point. His career was followed by a career Ilya SutskeverCo-leader of the team “Super alignment” to OpenAI And the chief scientist.

may 24, OpenAI Published in s He “heard questions” about how he chose the chatbot’s voice options and wanted to address them. The company also denied that the audio was based on a voice Johansson.

Johansson expressed surprise and disbelief at the apparent copying of her voice online. (Reuters/Mario Anzoni)

“voice sky It’s not a tradition Scarlett Johansson“She is owned by another professional actress who uses her natural voice,” the company wrote. He said he could not share the names of his voice actors for privacy reasons. Feedback in Internet She was diverse, but many made fun of her accent sky.

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In a statement to luck, Altman That voice said sky Not that of Johansson “And it was never meant to sound like you. We cast the voice actor behind Skye’s voice before calling Johansson. Out of respect for the lady. JohanssonWe have stopped using voice sky In our products. We apologize for not communicating better with the lady. Johansson“.

As mentioned BloombergMy chief correspondent Daily show, Dessie your handsWho said? GPT-4.0 In last week’s clip: “You can really tell there’s a man who built this technology.”

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