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The trial in Russia against American journalist Ivan Gershkovich will begin behind closed doors on June 26

The trial in Russia against American journalist Ivan Gershkovich will begin behind closed doors on June 26

The trial in Russia against American journalist Ivan Gershkovich will begin on June 26 (REUTERS/FILE)

He Judgment Against the American Journalist Ivan GershkovichAccused of gathering information about INC A Russian tank factory and more than a year in prison, starting June 26 YekaterinburgIn the center Russia.

Journalist Wall Street Journal32, arrested by Russian security services on March 2023 (FSB) during a statement YekaterinburgIn Urals“Espionage” is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The process “will be carried out behind closed doors. The first hearing is scheduled for June 26, 2024,” the regional court said Sverdlovsk.

America And Russia They indicated that they had been in touch to reach an agreement to exchange prisoners to allow for their release, but this had not been achieved so far.

A 32-year-old Wall Street Journal journalist was arrested by Russian security services (REUTERS/FILE) in March 2023.

The prosecution alleges Gershkovichwho worked AFP Inside Moscow Between 2020 and 2021, it collected “confidential information” about the company UralvakonchavotOne of the largest arms manufacturers Russiafor that INC.

Moscow Evidence to the contrary has not been publicly presented Gershkovich And the whole process is classified as secret.

These allegations lack credibility.”, a State Department spokesperson announced last week. Matthew MillerAgain demanding the release of the journalist “immediately”.

Washington Accuses Moscow Taking him hostage in order to obtain an exchange, as had already happened on other occasions.

Russian President Vladimir PutinHe said he was ready to change the journalist Vadim KrasikovHe was imprisoned for life Germany For the killing of Chechnya’s former warlord in Berlin in 2019.

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In early June, Putin He said the contacts were “constant”. Russia And America To reach an agreement.

Since his arrest, the Russian justice Every two or three months, the temporary detention of the journalist in the prison is formally extended LefortovoControlled by FSB Inside Moscow.

Paul WhelanHe was imprisoned Russia As of 2018, he was awaiting a prisoner exchange and denied the espionage charges against him, which led to a 16-year prison sentence.

Putin vows to hand over Ivan Gershkovich in prisoner swap with US (REUTERS/FILE)

Others with dual citizenship were recently arrested.

Ksenia KarelinaThe Russian and American, arrested in February, were charged with “high treason” for donating to the Ukrainian army.

Before her, the journalist Alsozu KurmashevaRussian and American citizen, worked in the media RFE/RL Funded by Congress AmericaArrested in October 2023. He was accused of spreading “disinformation” about the Russian military.

Russia He also arrested a French national in early June. Laurent VinetierAccused of failing to register as a “foreign agent” who cooperated with a Swiss NGO on conflicts and gathered information about the Russian military.

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