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El Salvador declared a red alert throughout the region due to heavy rains and the possibility of floods.

El Salvador declared a red alert throughout the region due to heavy rains and the possibility of floods.

The rains, which were mainly concentrated in the south of the country, killed at least two people (EFE/FILE)

General Directorate of Civil Protection Savior On Sunday, a red alert was declared across the country due to… Heavy rain recorded during the last 72 hours Due to the high probability of urban flooding and river overflow.

At least the rain, which was mainly concentrated in the south of the country, has disappeared Two people diedOne injury, 12 landslides, and 14 homes damaged, according to Civil Protection statistics.

The red alert is based on the latest forecast from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, which warns of “a very high probability of urban flooding, as well as flash floods that could generate flows from secondary rivers into main channels.”

“There is a high probability of this happening rock slides and falls, This affects roads and highways in the northern mountainous region, as well as in the mountain ranges and volcanic areas in the center, east and west of the country.

El Salvador declared a red alert throughout the territory due to heavy rains (EFE/FILE)

He pointed out that “it is also possible for medium-sized branches, trees, and fragile fences to fall, with a focus on the volcanic chain and the coastal area.”

Civil protection maintains Suspension of artisanal, industrial and sport fishing, As well as recreational activities in rivers, beaches and lakes.

Minister of Environment, fernando lopez, He indicated in a press conference that the country will witness a storm with “heavy rains” that may generate floods and landslides due to the accumulation of moisture.

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He stressed that there are two rain systems that will affect El Salvador, so “it is not a single phenomenon that affects, but rather a combination of several things.”

“directions Preventive suspension of classes. The government agency stressed that it is recommended to activate the remote work method to reduce the exposure factor among the population.

He also pointed out that Evacuations in dangerous areas ‘mandatory’ “To ensure the lives of the Salvadoran population.”

Lessons remain suspended preventively (EFE/ARCHIVE)

In the coming days, according to the alert announcement and MARN forecast, There is a 20% to 10% “probability of tornadic development.” Of the two low pressures found in Guatemala.

He pointed out that the low pressure in northeastern Guatemala will move above The Gulf Of Mexico Within 7 days, “there is a 60% chance of the hurricane developing, so it is likely to turn into a tropical depression in the middle of next week.”

“Both systems encourage abundant moisture from the Pacific Ocean to enter our territory, maintaining storm conditions with very heavy rainfall,” he added.

In Guatemala, the authorities warned residents that rain would fall between 25 and 50% more than usual during the period from June to July, which would generate a surplus that could exceed 200 millimetres.

During this week, he met with the Guatemalan President. Bernardo Arevalo de LeonHe announced that Guatemala was going through a transition from El Niño to La Niña and that the damage could be “much greater compared to previous years.”

(With information from EFE)