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Santi Gimenez praised Raul Jimenez: He's one of the best strikers

Santi Gimenez praised Raul Jimenez: He’s one of the best strikers

Mexico City /

Thanks to his successful career, Raul Jimenez It has managed to become a benchmark for new generations of Mexican footballers, as expressed Santiago Jimenez.

Cruz Azul player who focuses on Selection Mexicanapraised element Wolverhampton. “Raul Jimenez He is the most important striker in Mexico And most important in the world”The 20-year-old footballer mentioned in an interview with W Deportes.

in the same conversation, Santi Highlight everything the “Mexican wolf” beat, making everything A role model To the son of Christian Chaco Jimenez, who was crowned in MX . League With The Machine a few months ago.

“currently It is the standard for the Mexican national team And any other striker in the world. He is a great player and a role model He’s been through adversity and had a great time, I think today is in a great moment despite the injury, he got over that moment and got back in shape. Today is my clearest reference to learn.”

It must be remembered that for the friendly match between mexican national team and the like EcuadorRaul Jimenez has never been called before Martino’s nanny because it’s not Close FIFA, so a native of Tepeji del Río can see work again with tripartite Until November.

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