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Marcelo will leave Real Madrid and he will already have a destination

Marcelo will leave Real Madrid and he will already have a destination

The side has ceased to be one of the mainstays of Real Madrid (Effie)

Brazilian team Marcelo is going through its 16th season as a Real Madrid player, an entity in which he has established himself as one of the best players in his position and won it all with the number 12 on his back. INFOBAE.

However, the 33-year-old footballer is going through one of the toughest moments in the White House. Despite being one of the historical attractions, Rio de Janeiro does not have the opportunities it would like to have within the eleven for various reasons.

That is why they have confirmed from Brazil that this will be his last season as a Meringue player and that he already has a proposal on the table for a return to Brasileirao that he cannot refuse.

Throughout his career, Marcelo has worn only three shirts, Fluminense, Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team shirt and will be the first team he will return to when his contract with the Spanish team expires on June 30.

This came in the local newspaper Lance, which collected some statements made by the president of El Tri, Mario Bittencourt, in an interview with the club’s official channel: Marcelo is a player made here, he went straight to Europe and we have an excellent relationship. He knows the flu is interested in bringing him back.”

“What I know is that he will stay in Europe for another year and his mind is still there. No deception, we are on the lookout. If we have economic conditions and they want to accept them, we will bring them in the future.”

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The only possibility that it would be beneficial for both would be to wait for the end of his contract to be able to leave as a free agent, so Fluminense will only have to worry about thinking about and negotiating his salary.

Low weight in the Marcelo team is well known. So far this season he has played only 23 minutes, and being an indispensable left winger, many footballers have outdone the full-back. From Mendy, who managed to take ownership after his appointment in 2019, to David Alaba (today central with Militao), Nacho and young Miguel Gutierrez will be above him when forming Ancelotti’s squad.

In the event that the Fluminense president manages to fulfill his promise, Marcelo will return to the institution from which he left in 2006 and in which he completed 40 matches, which arouses the interest of Real Madrid, who signed him as a replacement for Roberto, Charlie.