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Sandy Alcantara throws a complete game to advance the Yankees

Sandy Alcantara throws a complete game to advance the Yankees

MIAMI – Sandy Alcantara pitched the complete game on a five-hit ball, Luis Arrays turned up and the Miami Marlins beat the New York Yankees 3-1 on Saturday.

Alcantara (5-10) scored 10 goals in his third complete game and first home win since April 4, when he hit the road against Minnesota. The most recent Cy Young Trophy national championship winner is out 10 times in front of 33,986 fans, the most ever in Miami this season.

Jake Burger and Jesus Sanchez each got two hits for the Marlins. Aries went 1-for-4 as his average, the best of the season in the majors, fell one point to .

A two-run shot by Aries in the first inning gave Miami an early lead. It was the Venezuelans’ fourth home trip of the season.

Superstar Michael King (3-5) was relieved after two rounds and 41 pitches. The right-hander allowed two runs and four hits in a game that included three batters.

For the Yankees, Venezuelan Jiliber Torres is 4-1.

For the Marlins, Venezuelan Arith is 4-1 with runs scored and two produced. Dominican Brian de la Cruz 4-0, Sanchez 3-2. Cuban Yuli Gurel 3-0.

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