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Salvador Zerboni “explodes” against Nuurca Marcos: “obsolete”

Salvador Zerboni “explodes” against Nuurca Marcos: “obsolete”


It is known that Niorka Marcus And Salvador Zerboni They lived closely together when they were part of the cast of the reality show La casa de los Celebrities. However, the relationship between them was not good; In fact, the actor claims that he was the victim of various attacks by the star. Now, Juancho Hernandez's translator in the TV series Parientes a la Fuerza repeats that he calls the dancers “outdated.”

“Everyone talks about how they performed on the show. I had a very bad time with them [Niurka Marcos]”He treated me very badly and that's why I called him 'old-fashioned,'” Zerboni explained to the media. “But I don't really have anything personal with her.”

In fact, since the actor is part of the cast of members of the said show, he repeated this epithet towards the celebrity when he criticized the situation Leslie GallardoGirlfriend Emilio Osorio And Marcus's daughter-in-law.

“A comment he made to his daughter-in-law [Leslie Gallardo]. Her daughter-in-law acted very aggressive, very vulgar, screamed a lot, and was hyperactive. So, my comment was “Oops, that's from the 'old fashioned' clan.” [Niurka]'. Because this is what happened to me with this lady inside the celebrity house, for me, in particular, she screamed at me a lot, and she let me down. “It was very rude and very vulgar to me,” he explained.

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