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Horoscopes for today, February 9, 2024, for all zodiac signs

Horoscopes for today, February 9, 2024, for all zodiac signs

in it Today's horoscopes, Friday 9 Februarythe new Moon in Fishbowl It generates a very creative six-month cycle full of good changes, freer love and without emotional manipulation.

Since this lunar phase comes to renew your mind and desires, I recommend that you do so rite Make your own little ones “Wish Bag”.

For this purpose, use a small bag that you carry with you, and put inside it three of your favorite quartz stones or stones that give you strength. When you perform your ritual tonight, take the small bag containing the quartz in your hands and visualize the desired changes and how happy you will feel when you achieve them. Read your wish list out loud and ask your quartz to support you and thank them for their help.


Tonight's new moon is brewing with great power due to the positive influence of Pluto in Aquarius. This phase will open a six-month cycle in which you will become increasingly interested in sharing different ideals with friends and with those with whom you can expand universal love, with cooperation being one of your priorities.

Tonight, when you feel connected to the Moon, follow the ritual steps I explain in the introduction. Do not forget that the goals must be clear and well-defined to be more secure in your ambitions, as well as the date of achievement.

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The New Moon in Aquarius will open a very positive, stimulating and unconventional energy cycle for you to get rid of shyness, improve your public image, search for new jobs and reach a position that gives you greater benefits, and as a result, you will notice that your decisions will be focused on them.

For this reason, the request that helps you do tonight is to make your ideas innovative, increase your creativity and encourage you to grow. When you feel connected to the vibrations of the moon, ritualize these themes as I explained to you at the beginning.

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Tonight, the Moon and Sun will create a new six-month cycle that will be accompanied by positive, creative energy full of hope.

And you will feel this because your desire to activate your mind with ideas gives you another vision of life; More progressive, especially, working to build a better reality in which you can be happy.

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In addition, you will be interested in learning about other philosophical and religious views different from your own. Take advantage of the rituals I will explain in the introduction to apply for travel or obtain your visas or residencies.

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The New Moon will form today, opening a six-month period in which you will feel encouraged to make more innovative economic decisions, plan modern businesses using more technology, and add more partners.

Additionally, it will be a priority for you to be more forward-thinking when it comes to managing insurance, taxes, and loans, and this is where you should fully develop your forward-thinking vision.

During the day, this will help you make requests to solve these types of problems; Therefore, when you feel connected to magic, perform your own rituals on these topics as I will explain in the introduction.

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With the New Moon in Aquarius, you will begin a six-month cycle in which you focus on your relationships. When you were born in the aforementioned sign, your concern will be to create loving bonds based on a freer and healthier love, without selfishness or jealousy and to achieve mutual understanding.

You will also notice that people from the past will reappear or a new commitment based on respect and trust may arrive. For this reason, do the ritual I mentioned at the beginning and ask for the relationship that matches you and that you deserve or improve the current relationship.

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The new moon opens a six-month cycle filled with strength and positive energy. According to your zodiac sign, this is linked to health problems; Therefore, you will be interested in paying more attention to your inner being as well as your personal attractiveness, especially since you have not devoted yourself to yourself for a long time.

With this vibration, use tonight to do the ritual I explain in the introduction and ask to feel stronger and increase your well-being. Also ask to incorporate Aquarius energy with alternative healing therapies such as yoga and crystals if you have any type of discomfort.

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This moon phase highlights your focus on developing your creativity and showing love under the energy of Aquarius. On the one hand, you will look for new ways to please and enjoy yourself, and on the other hand, part of your focus will be on love issues; So this is the best time to start a freer relationship without emotional dependencies.

This will be a good time for you to discover new ways to be happy by fully expressing your feelings. In this order of thoughts, I advise you to make a request to the Moon with an explanation of the ritual.

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Today's new moon will make you feel like there is new energy within you that is much more positive and a feeling of more understanding love.

This will help you start an Aquarius cycle where you will see the importance of giving love to your family and including your close friends in it, forming a great bond between everyone.

In addition, the above-mentioned influence will make the activities of the house very dynamic and together they will look for new ways to communicate, so that each of them will be more free. Tonight, perform the ritual described at the beginning with your commands.

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The New Moon in Aquarius will create a new six-month cycle in the area of ​​your zodiac sign for your mental processes and communications. This will be reflected in your mind adopting Aquarius traits such as being more creative, following your ideals and building a better personal reality.

Your anxiety about moving from one place to another will also increase and your plans to take trips and resume personal growth cycles will resurface. Tonight, when you feel the same vibration of the moon, apply to these topics as I explain in the introduction.

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Tonight's new moon prepares you to quickly materialize your financial plans in the material world. In this new six-month course created by Luminaire, it helps you start projects related to your economy in which you can integrate more technology.

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It is also a good time to ask for a salary increase or obtain a bank loan; Even to sign better labor agreements. During this night, stop for a moment, take the small bag of quartz in your hands and ask the universe for your desires.

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Tonight the New Moon will be in your sign and will open a six-month cycle with a very positive and stimulating vibration so that you can positively renew many aspects of your life.

During this period, the strength of your attraction and the strength of your heart will increase, with new people coming, whether as friends or as a new love relationship.

In addition, an inner force will be activated within you that will lead you to crystallize all your mental creativity in the material world. With this in mind, go ahead tonight and do your ritual as I explained it to you at the beginning.

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The New Moon in Aquarius will open a six-month cycle in which your spiritual interests will awaken and for this reason you will desire great renewal.

Your focus will be on finding some kind of knowledge or mysterious path that helps you break out of the patterns and anxiety that limit you; Especially, to highlight all the power within you.

You will also look for ways to awaken all your genius and thus connect with your most innovative and revolutionary ancestors. During this night, submit your request to the moon with your small bag in your hands.

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