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A Tiktoker tattooed her navel to make it look taller and it went viral

A Tiktoker tattooed her navel to make it look taller and it went viral

there is chance Tik Tok Almost nothing is surprising anymore. Since its inception, the platform has served as a source of musical inspiration, but currently it is also an excellent way to make purchases or follow tutorials of all kinds.

In this category specifically, an influencer based in Colombia appeared, who left everyone with square eyes thanks to the trick she showed by getting a water tattoo that makes her appear taller, and her video went viral.

“I don’t know if it worked, what do you say?” the young woman shouted in the clip published on January 17, which has so far received more than 5 million views.

There Mejía shows how the tattoo is done and how to apply it.

“These here are fake belly buttons, which is the new trend that people in Asia are using to look taller,” she exclaimed. “Look, they put it higher so the torso looks longer, so we'll try that. This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.”

TikTok/Laura Mejia

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Mejia isn't afraid to try new things and showcase them online, which has partly become her calling card. He has shown in previous TikToks how to reach a high level Hairy nails Or a mermaid, just to name a few interesting lessons.

But not everything is strange. Her videos also offer makeup tips, whether for everyday use or for special occasions. As one of what it indicates How to use Maybelline Age Rewind Apply it as a contour on the face. The simple trick caused the video to get more than 5 million views, and wow!

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