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Ravi Bina: “Detention made me stronger”

Ravi Bina: “Detention made me stronger”

account Life IsabelProducer’s daughter Ravi Bina And the singer Natty NatashaHe announced on Friday that there would be a visit with his father, and confirmed that on Sunday.

Ravi Beena posted two photos on Sunday in which she appears with her four children, including her youngest, Vida, and her romantic partner, the urban music artist.

“When you think you’re having a bad time, you just start analyzing: 1. That you have a life 2. That you have health 3. That you have a unique family 4. That you have more online friends and family than before,” who support you no matter what “It’s what they say 5. This is just waiting for you to enjoy the world with both hands. Being closed has made me stronger and closer to God and those who persecute me, but for good. Love you 💜,” posted the businessman who is serving a 41-month prison sentence for possession Weapons illegally.

“There are (5) left at most and enjoy. I love you and I love everyone who makes loving their family a priority. Number 6. I don’t put it because it offends, but you know it. Message sent by Rafael Peña Nieves from Buettner Public Relations. Amen,” he concluded.

The family visit began to take shape on Friday, when a video of Vida showed Isabel boarding a plane, wearing headphones and tasting some strawberries. “Don’t you know who my mother and brothers are meeting this weekend? Tell me, tell me, tell me, and in any case, they’ve already taken off my belt. What should I tell my father?” This was stated in the message accompanying the photo.

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Federal Judge Francisco Besosa sentenced Pena on May 24, 2022 to three years and five months in prison on charges of illegally possessing firearms and because one of them had been modified to fire automatically.

However, the producer scored a victory in court when a panel of judges from the Federal Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston dismissed the second criminal charge. However, Judge Besosa kept the ruling as it was, so lawyer Edwin Prado appealed the guilty verdict from the Federal Court of San Juan due to alleged errors made in the decision.

Pena is serving his sentence at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina.