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Once años después, Daniel Sarcos regresa a Venezuela entre cantos y lágrimas

Eleven years later, Daniel Sarcos returns to Venezuela between songs and tears

Venezuelan artist Daniel Sarcos landed yesterday at La Chineta International Airport in Venezuela, After 11 years without going to Caracas and six years without visiting his hometown, Maracaibo.

The information was learned through a video posted on social networks, in which you can see how exciting the reception of the 55-year-old presenter was.

Their compatriots waited for them at the exit of the air station, and applause was heard for several seconds, which made the announcer weep.

With the same joy, the attendees and host of “Aquí se Habla Español” sang in one voice the lyrics of “Aquel Zuliano” by Venezuelan artist Ricardo Cepeda.

Sarkos’ arrival was no surprise, as a result Three days ago, he revealed that he was returning to his home country.

After 11 years without going to Caracas and 6 years without embracing my Maracaibo I can announce to you with great affection that I will step into your streets again and meet again with love,” said the caller, emphasizing that “we all have a right to go back to where we were happy and that is exactly what I do.”

This post, which he posted on his official Instagram account, records about three thousand comments expressing how moving Sarkos’ reunion is with his land.

“Daniel Sarcos” is a trend because in Venezuela, after 10 years outside the country pic.twitter.com/eHiL8RQ6R6

– Why is it a trend? (@estendenciavzl) October 25 2022

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