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RMC Sport attacks Messi: “He gave a good half season to the World Cup”

RMC Sport attacks Messi: “He gave a good half season to the World Cup”

PSG is in the doldrums After suffering a painful defeat against Rin. L’Equipe attacked the Brazilian Neymar He described the footballer’s performance as “disturbing” a little less than a month after the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, where he will face Bayern Munich from the Bundesliga.

however, RMC Sport He ended up harshly criticizing the world champion, Lionel Messi, reasoning that he only played well for half a season due to the fact that the Qatar 2022 World Cup was taking place. Rather, he revealed that the “Albiceleste” star is no longer training in the same way he was training before the Qatar Championship.

“He had a good half-season because he was preparing for the World Cup, I was training. Now it’s over. He is a starter because Galtier, the great rebel with Campos, leaves him on the field” was the harsh criticism Messi received for his performance on Sunday.

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L’Equipe and Parisien, they’re also tough

For their part, other French media have not spared “La Pulga” either. L’Equipe confirmed that Messi was not at the top than his followers are accustomed to, and even give him a “4” rating.

“We didn’t see the extravagance of the ball at the foot that we are used to seeing. The Argentine tried to work with his team, coming above all to recover balls in the thirty metres, before sinking in the second half.

finally, Le Parisien confirmed that Messi’s influence was limited.In addition to acknowledging that there are some very uncommon faults in the world champion, who seems not to be the same as he was a few months ago.

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