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Guillermo Almada felt devastated by the loss of Nico Ibáñez Halftime

Monterey, NL /

Nico Ibanez Now it is enhanced tigers And therefore, Pachuca He could no longer use it this exact Sunday before UANLAfter working all week with the team on this second round.

In view of this, Guillermo Almada, DT of Tozoshe emphasized that he felt affected, because although there were many mistakes made, he stressed that Nico’s absence led to a lack of focus for his team.

“What affected the most were the mistakes we made, huge mistakes that we don’t usually make, the difference was a little bit, Tigres was safe in the defensive area and we didn’t have the security that we usually have and against the good players they have.”

“Then there is a percentage that affected Nico, he trained all week, he was focused and in the smallest of them it generated some uncertainty, the bigger truth is that we don’t repeat all the good things we were doing, we have to be correct and aim for the next match,” stated Almada.

Despite it being a heavy loss for his team, as he is the team’s top scorer, Almada said he was happy for Ibáñez; In addition, he thinks he has enough quality to fill the void he leaves.

“The truth is that we are happy because there is an improvement for him and his family and we will certainly feel it, but we have colleagues who will be able to replace him, and we must continue to work.”

“We trust Roberto a lot, he has great conditions and in fact we will trust him because I’m sure he’s a top scorer in many circumstances. What failed today was teamwork, which made us strong in all matches. We don’t play in the best way. We trust a lot.” Roberto (De la Rosa), Elian (Hernandez)And (Leo) Flores (from Tigers) We have good reports from him and we will analyze if we need another element to complete the squad.”

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