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Ricken Sanchez, the iconic figure in the golden age of Lucha Libre, dies on the island

Veteran sports producer and commentator Ricken Sanchez, best known to the city for his participation during the 1980s as an interviewer for wrestlers on the Superstars of Wrestling show, passed away yesterday, his family reported.

In the aforementioned period, Sanchez played a leading role in the program Lucha Libre, giving a touch of seriousness and honesty to a producer who daily faces the question of whether insolence and rivalries are real or a sports spectacle, as emphasized. Later.

Sanchez was the reporter for the program who in every edition of Superstars of Lucha Libre, produced by Capitol Sports Promotions, had to interview the champions of the fights that would take place on Saturday and Sunday through the different stadiums or stadiums on the island. Among the memorable characters they meet are the locals and the stars of the company, Carlitos Colon and the Raiders, and among the enemies of these characters are Abdullah the Butcher, his then manager Hugo Savinovich, Barabbas and the Martell brothers.

Sanchez has also been a producer, narrator, and sports commentator in other disciplines such as boxing and baseball, and also a producer of boxing billboards. He also founded the Videomax channel.

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